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Thomas Mai On Today’s New Film Business

Thomas Mai On Today's New Film Business

Have you heard Thomas Mai’s presentation on Social Media and what it means to the film business? I had the good fortune to witness it this past summer, and thus am very happy that it is now up on the web for you all to benefit from. Thomas used to run Trust Film Sales which handled Lars Von Triers’ films and many others. These days he generally travels and spreads the social media gospel for the filmmaking set. The full presentation runs an hour, but frankly if you are reading this now, you must take the time this weekend to make sure you are up to speed. I am sure you will be glad you did.

Thomas starts things off with a video on the rise of Social Media. Even if you’ve seen this before, it still is stunning. His lecture begins about four minutes in. I am eager to hear your thoughts on this.

Thomas Mai Presentation ETMA, Strasbourg from Thomas Mai on Vimeo.

So what do you think?

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Thomas Mai

Hey Josh, Jim P, Ted, Thomas Fucci and Lorie M.

Thanks for your comments on my presentation. I am glad that you all liked it.

To Bilbo Baggins, what is your problem? Ted is doing a great job telling the whole world what is going on and how everything is changing for the better for all filmmakers. You accuse Ted of having no nuts and yet you hide behind a fake screen name.

It is so easy to be negative in this world and contribute with nothing. Ted is spending a lot of time helping ALL filmmakers and yet all you do is spread negativity.

I personally think this is one of the most exciting times to be a film maker as the “power” is shifting more and more in our favor and the playing field is getting more leveled and democratic.

If you have talent, the whole world can be your oyster


Thomas Mai

Lorie M

Feelings to thoughts, thoughts to words, words to action, Bilbo.

I think you’re being unnecessarily harsh on Ted about his progress or lack thereof on executing new producing methods.

I credit Ted for “thinking out loud” about these issues publicly, and I trust he’ll execute on new ideas as they serve his current and future projects. I also think there’s great value in putting words out into the Big Swirl, so that they might transform into action.

But, Ted’s not Prince. Producers don’t play all the instruments, themselves, on their own compositions. We’re conductors of magnificent, unruly, collaborative, opinionated, talented orchestras – and, that takes patience and flexibility, especially if we’re conducting while learning the new music, ourselves.

And, Ted, I LOVE Thomas Mai! Thanks for sharing his video.

Bilbo Baggins

hey Jim, don’t you understand that Ted is all talk when it comes to this type of stuff. He talks about wanting a Truly Free Film culture, but his actions are the exact opposite.

Ted, of course you need to feed your family, but in that case stop pretending to be someone you are not. In reality what you are saying is that you are too afraid to take the risk in self-distribution b/c of self-preservation and therefore the door will remain closed until someone with your clout grows a pair of nuts and takes the risks involved. If you have prior commitments that don’t do anything for Truly Free Film, then stop preaching about it and acting like you are a champion of it.

Thomas Fucci


Thank you for this post. I have a film I produced that I will be using the distribution info to get back out there. Much appreciated.

Thomas Fucci

Jim P.

Awesome. Now all we need are some established filmmakers to embrace these self-distribution models so that, in the general public’s eye, the stigma goes away.
Ted, on your next film how about you not sell to a distrib at toronto/sundance and instead go this route yourself? – you’d truly be paving the way for ALL OF US.

Jim p

Totally understandable.
Great post. Thanks.

Ted Hope

Hey Jim, How great would that be, if I or any other established filmmaker could do this? I 100% agree. I tried to raise money on SUPER to be able to do this, but had a tight window for actor availability and had to close financing short of that — and even if I had been successful with the raise, probably would have still wanted to collaborate with the distribs who wanted the film as they were so passionate and had the experience. Part of the difficulty of pursuing this route is the commitment I have made to prior projects. As it was not something I had considered three years ago, my development and production slates are full and I have the responsibility to get those made. Another challenge is the only fees I earn are from production and I have a family to feed. But I have ideas. I am working on a plan….


Outstanding and inspiring. Thanks for posting this, sir.

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