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Video: James Bond in Drag

Video: James Bond in Drag

Daniel Craig goes blonde and vulnerable for this promo spot about inequality between the sexes narrated by James Bond boss Judi Dench. Craig, like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, makes a far less handsome woman than man. In person Craig is a slim, sweet mench of a man. It’s cool that he was willing to deconstruct his womanizer/action/hero Bond image.

[Hat Tip: New York Vulture.]

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Good spot regarding the message and the spoken part, although I think they could have done more creatively with his dressing up as a woman than this.

Not so surprised he was willing to do this, I read he was extremely concerned that he would get stuck with the James Bond role before taking it on. On the other hand, Bond 23 is due next year so this could be also be considered as creating early awareness, at least as a side effect.

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