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Vince Vaughn Vehicle ‘Insane Laws’ May Find A Home At Universal

Vince Vaughn Vehicle 'Insane Laws' May Find A Home At Universal

The Break-Up,” “Couples Retreat,” “Four Christmases,” “The Dilemma” — these are all part of a very successful, if mediocre cloth that Vince Vaughn has been cutting some big checks from lately, and while we wish he would latch on to something more interesting, it’s no surprise that another project is bubbling up in the same arena as those predecessors.

THR reports that Universal is in negotiations to pick up “Insane Laws” (get it!? ha!) from Columbia, a vehicle for Vince Vaughn. Written by Jeremy Garelick — who penned “The Break-Up,” did an uncredited rewrite on “The Hangover” and was tasked with writing the “Baywatch” movie — the film tells the story of “two best friends (paging Owen Wilson or Kevin James!) and how their lives are impacted when their grown children fall in love, with one man’s daughter becoming pregnant by his best friend’s son.” What a tangled web we weave indeed.

Columbia picked up the script for seven figures a couple of years ago and have since put it in turnaround which is a little odd, but whatever. Clearly, Universal knows they can make bank with Vaughn once again navigating the waters of trouble bro-mantic relationships. Frankly, it sounds like the kind of thing Vaughn can do on autopilot. He does have more interesting options, including “2 Guns” that’s sitting over with David O. Russell, but these kinds of films are quick, easy and painless to put together and make. So queue up another quippy comedy that doesn’t do Vaughn’s talents justice, we’re kind of bored already (maybe we’ll just give “Wedding Crashers” another spin in the DVD player).

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I truly miss the Vaughn of “Wedding Crashers” , ” Swingers”, and even ” Mr And Ms. Smith” . Why did he sell out too soon ?!


Vaughn may have received a nice check for the Dilemma but with just $48M domestic after almost 2 months in theaters($65M WW) , his next check will probably be for quite a bit less. Comedies don’t do very well overseas so this may not even make back its prod cost of $70M. In contrast, Jack Black’s Gullivers looks like it will end up being profitable due to strong overseas and Depp and Jolie’s Tourist is even stronger WW and is probably already in the black.


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