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Warner Bros. Chief Jeff Robinov Says They’ll Reboot Batman Franchise & Chris Nolan Will Produce

Warner Bros. Chief Jeff Robinov Says They'll Reboot Batman Franchise & Chris Nolan Will Produce

Justice League, Wonder Woman & The Flash Films All In The Works

While we had our doubts yesterday about just how soon Warner Bros. planned on getting a Justice League movie into theaters, Hero Complex today confirms that yes, 2013 is the planned date — just one year after both Christopher Nolans “The Dark Knight Rises” and Zack Snyder‘s “Superman: Man of Steel” hit theaters. It’s a bold move and one we’re not quite sure is the best option, however, comic fans have been salivating for the mega DC-superhero team up and the script is currently in the works. As fans know, George Miller nearly got his version off the ground but it was complicated by the writers’ strike and subsequently fell apart. And while it remains to be seen who is directing and starring in the film (we presume Christian Bale won’t be involved, but Henry Cavill will) the bottom line is: cinemagoers won’t be without the iconic superheroes for too long.

However, the most interesting piece of news concerns the Batman franchise. With Christopher Nolan directing his last installment, “The Dark Knight Rises,” it looks like neither he nor Warner Bros. are ready to let go of huge comic tentpole just yet. Plans are to reboot it entirely — but with Christopher Nolan overlooking the process. “We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman,” Warner Bros. chief Jeff Robinov said. Asked if he meant a reboot, he said: “I do. Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is.”

It’s a pretty smart play by WB and for Nolan too. It keeps him well ensconced at the studio who bankrolled “Inception” and if he can keep making them bank, we’re sure that mutual relationship can continue. Although, how much can the franchise really and truly be refreshed if the director and visionary of the last three films is directly involved in the production? Guess we’ll have to see.

Also on the slate for Warner Bros. are films for The Flash and Wonder Woman, which are expected to spin off from the Justice League film. Last we heard Greg Berlanti was supposed to have turned in a script for “The Flash” last December, but word has been quiet. As for Wonder Woman, it seems to be an on again/off again project and while we hope the studio pays attention to Nicolas Winding Refn‘s desire to direct the film, don’t expect the upcoming NBC series to halt any development on the movie.

“Wonder Woman could be a film as well, the same way that ‘Superman Returns’ came out while ‘Smallville’ was on,” Robinov said.

So big, big plans ahead for WB and their comic franchise. Undoubtedly, they’re preparing as their current moneymakers — ‘Harry Potter’ and Nolan’s Batman films — are now drawing to a close and in broader terms, it looks like comic films are going to be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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Diamant'i Dixon

hey … wouldn't it be great , if nolan made a REAL LIFE BATMAN BEYOND MOVIE ?

Rob komik kon

Greenlantern was amazing storyline & all visual was a stretch but worked out nicely …. & it is sure to be an great follow up film with the break out Villan role of synestro looks like it will rival the comparison of the batman movies… Jus like batman begins green latern was good but the sequel will be ground breaking!

martin russell


Smart man. I like it. The only Marvel films I have liked were the Original Xmen, and Iron Man. Everything else..too commercialized and money driven.

Don’t you think Nolan deserves to keep his say with the Batman Franchise? I mean….it’s not like it was just handed to him and he put his directorial stamp on it. He crafted ALL three stories first, then went on to direct them. He took a failing franchise and rebooted it in one of the most successful remakes of all time. I mean to come second to Cameron on a sequel means a lot. I think he deserves to keep his hands in the cookie jar.


I don’t blame WB really. After Potter they need summer juice and Batman is their only guarantee. Green Lantern is an obvious mess, looking like a bad video game and Superman will try to be rebooted for the second time in five years. These are far from guaranteed hits. They will attempt to do the justice league which could be huge, but there is no guarantee the shuster and seigel families will let WB use Superman in films after 2012. There is supposed to be a Flash movie, but whats to say it won’t resemble a big budget version of Smallville? A guy blurring around really fast gets old after like 5 minutes. Wonder Woman could be the true gem, but clearly they are uncertain of how to handle her, even recreating her origin for tv! Beyond Batman, their prospects look hazy to say the least. So again, I can’t blame them from a financial perspective. Really looking forward to TDKR, but I wish Nolan would leave the nest afterwards. Any good director (they have ego’s) will not want to have Nolan shape, or even percieved to have shaped his vision. It’s a no win situation for the director. Make a good film, Nolan was an integral part, make a bad film, it’s all your fault, Nolan was only the producer.If you want a true re-imagining as the writer said, then Nolan should bow out gracefully and do other things, to let a new director do his thing out of his shadow!

martin russell

Get over it. Studios are run by networks now….take it or leave it.

Nolan WILL do anything justice in my opinion…and why not work with the company that gave your film a chance. INCEPTION happened because WB was convinced by Leo and Nolan. Kudos to WB for stepping up.

Don’t be so naive…movies arent just about art anymore. Sucks to say, but that is reality. Same thing with music. Do I like the fact that all WB is thinking is dollar signs? No. Can I do anything about it? No. Am I excited to see the DC world rip a hole through the Marvel BS being fed down our throats? Yes.

Batman Beyond would be a great concept. and BTW…just because Nolan will produce it doesnt mean he’s controlling the director. Michael Bay produces all the Slasher remakes like Texas Chainsaw….but do those movies look/feel like Transformers? No they don’t. Devil was produced by Shyamalan…but my bet is that most prefer Devil over Last Airbender.

Chill out, buy your ticket to the film cause you know you are going to, and learn to accept movies for what they are. The aim of every film is not to become an Academy Award Winning film…if so, then there would not be any GOOD films. Everything would be the same.


God please… just let it DIE!


Nolan’s ego just won’t let go. What self respecting director is going to want to be guided by Nolan. If anything, they’d tell him to get out of the way and let him create his own vision without him hovering around.


yeah i predicted this like 5 days ago on these magical message boards.


I don’t think this guy understands the term reboot. Now, if Nolan is indeed staying on as producer then he could very well decide to officially reboot it, but this guys seems to think just because Nolan won’t be directing that means another Batman film is automatically a “reboot.”


Gosh, this is way to soon. But maybe, just maybe there is a sliver of hope this reboot will be good since Chris Nolan is involved…or everyone might just avoid it, but whatever.

Connor Macgregor

It better be an adaptation of Batman Beyond. That is the only logical step to take the franchise next.


will Wayne be a funny guy with an homoerotic relationship with Robin in the reboot?


Batman film reboot #3.


Mr Anonymous

No. After TDKR just let it lie!!! No need to reboot so quickly. With Nolan producing what’s the point of a reboot?!

All WB is thinking about is the dollars!

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