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Warner Bros. Planning A New ‘Justice League’ Film For 2013?

Warner Bros. Planning A New 'Justice League' Film For 2013?

The L.A. Times has just released a profile on Jeff Rubinov, the new president of Warner Bros. following the departure of Alan Horn. It’s a short profile, mostly detailing Rubinov’s social awkwardness and his professional quirks, such as a refusal to work with David Fincher, who clashed with Rubinov (and everybody else?) during the making of both “Zodiac” and “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button,” while also honoring his good ideas, such as his suggestion to use the Batmobile in “Batman Begins” and his hands-on approach to the “Sherlock Holmes” films.

What is confirmed in the piece is Warner Bros.’ decision on how they’ll keep their blockbuster machine running once the “Harry Potter” franchise shutters its doors this summer. The answer, of course, is superheroes, with “The Dark Knight Rises” and a new “Superman” film slated for 2012. We would assume the WB was also developing “The Flash” or another “Green Lantern” but imagine our surprise when the article only mentioned one other superhero film, slated for 2013: “Justice League.”

With only a passing reference, it could just be the speculative rumblings of one reporter. But “Justice League” would be a massive project, and with writers already assigned to a second “Green Lantern” picture and a “Flash” adaptation, we wonder why there hasn’t been any movement on a new “JL” script. Could they be resurrecting the super-ambitiousJustice League: Mortal” project that director George Miller worked on with screenwriters Kieran and Michele Mulroney?

Not likely, we’re guessing. Christian Bale has gone on record saying “The Dark Knight Rises” would be his last go-round as Batman. And while they could always bring back Armie Hammer, who was cast as Batman in “Justice League: Mortal,” Christopher Nolan, who is serving as a producer on the next “Superman,” has already ruled out Batman and Superman meeting other costumed crimefighters in his own films, but in future WB crimefighter films? Could be. Fox has successfully reapproached the “X-Men” series by kicking back the setting to ‘First Class’ a few decades and re-casting (and saving coin) in the process. It’s not out of the question for WB to consider a mega-team up of their comic icons in movie “The Avengers” style — but with a lot of new faces — but there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, in 2013, the Superman rights will be owned wholly by both the Siegel and Shuster heirs meaning a WB is gonna have to pay a hefty chunk of change if they want to use Superman in any movies again — are they really going to fork over all that cash if he’s only going to play a fraction of a role in a film? And we don’t buy that it would land in theaters just one year after “The Dark Knight Rises” folds and “Superman” reboots. We could easily see WB prepping “Green Lantern 2” or “The Flash” first before figuring out a way to get “Justice League” moving but we’re sure it’s on their development slate somewhere — 2013 just seems a touch early. And we can say this pretty certainty, whenever it happens, David Fincher won’t be directing (as least as long as Robinov is around).

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Steven Dunetz

I hope Tom Welling would be back in The Justice Movie! He is the only Superman and a great bankable (not a flop) box office great bet!


I wish dc would start tying heroes storiez together just as marvel did for the avengers..superman,batman,green lantern wonderwoman, flash, and martian manhunter are essential for a justice league movie..and aquaman!!Also..the villan they face has to be someone powerful enough for the need of the entirr justice league to do battle…such as DARKSEID!! have little luther involvement, sick of luther,ecven though hes always behind everything….we want DARKSEID!!

Josh Sheriff

I think it’s a reckless idea because there hasn’t been any cameo appearances of the other superheroes in the DC movies at all and any clues that shown us any signs of the Justice League coming together. Marvel did an excellent job tying there movies together which hyped us up for Avengers. I’m not saying I have any doubts for a Justice League movie coming out I just want it to be well planned out.


A Justice League feature film for 2013? Go for it!!! BTW, I really don’t see Superman straying from Warner Bros., not at all. All it needs is good writing and proper marketing. The JL movie will restrengthen both Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics as a movie studio. Include both Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman in the movie. Also put Aquaman in the movie- he’s every bit as important to the Justice League as both Batman and Superman. Also have both Green Arrow and Green Lantern in the movie. The main emphasis of the movie for the heroes is teamwork, especially against the most diabolical and sinister villains of the D.C. Comics universe, whomever they might be, even Lex Luthor and Darkseid. Make this movie happen.


Plz add hawkgirl too in the’s been so long


Don’t WB retain the rights to Superman as long as they begin production this year and get the film into theaters before 2013?


The way to do this is to hire Grant Morrison.
Cue mad metaphysical crisis bringing the ‘universe’ of each different film series together temporarily, thus facilitating the League.


If I were the Shuster and Siegel families, I would not let WB use Superman in a film again.


Yeah, Superman’s involvement is doubtful. But he’s likely to be mentioned in dialog or something, even as a joke.


I’m calling it now, a Justice League film will be made in a few years (maybe 2015/16), but only with a brief Superman cameo or mention (come on, in reality, if Supes is on the team, why do you even need everyone else?), and Batman (not Bale) appearing in a few scenes both surveilling the League to make sure they do not abuse their powers and also acting like an informant for tips on certain villains and what’s going on on the streets and with law enforcement. Batman should only be seen in the shadows, never in the same room with the other heroes shooting the bull, but maybe shows up in the final action sequence in a crucial way to help out….literally anyone with a cool voice could play him. Yeah, Armie Hammer would be good.


@Horace: Once the Shuster and Siegel families see Zack Snyder’s effort it’s a safe bet they WON’T let WB use Superman again!

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