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Watch: New Trailer For ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Will Easily Find Recruits

Watch: New Trailer For 'Captain America: The First Avenger' Will Easily Find Recruits

After various sneak peeks and quick glimpses the first full length trailer for “Captain America: The First Avenger” has dropped and it looks like “X-Men: First Class” has some competition in terms of the best looking comic pic this summer.

While we’re still worried what Joe Johnston might bring to the equation, we have to say, we’re pretty impressed. A good chunk of the trailer is devoted to Steve Rogers‘ pre-transformation days as a weakling who apparently got beat up in alleys and the CGI used on Chris Evans to Benjamin Button him down to 90 lbs looks far less strange here than it did in the Super Bowl spot. And while the second half gives it up for explosions and — oh shit! there’s Howard Stark! — it feels pretty well integrated and genuinely exciting.

Take a look for yourself below and don’t be surprised if you heart beats a little bit faster — patriotically that is. “Captain America: The First Avenger” opens on July 22nd. [via /Film]

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Joe Johnston directed The Rocketeer, which is the second-best comic book movie ever made (behind Superman The Movie). Nothing to fear here, he knows how to stage and shoot action. He storyboarded Star Wars for god’s sake!


I’ll go see it.

Isn’t that the point of trailers anyway – to get people to spend money on the movie? Well, job well done.


Yeah, it looks okay. But not going as wild for it as the rest of the internets. Perhaps because every Marvel film looks all flashy and lovely in the trailers, but then turns out clunky and overstuffed.


fucking awesome
joe johnston still wishes he was speilberg but he’s a good guy and a solid action craftsman/journeyman
this has shades of the rocketeer (a film I adore)
great trailer
love how they kept the period setting


Looks like a fun night at the movies.


I looks okay. His head is too big for his tiny body. It doesn’t look real. Marvel has shown too much pictures from it so it feels like I’ve already seen this trailer before. Too little screening time for Red Skull too. It’s okay but it’s not great. The real competition is between Thor and Green Lantern no doubt. Nuff’ said.


This looks really good!


The shot of Captain America walking through the doors blasting his gat alone makes me want to see this.

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