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Watch: Robert Pattinson Perma-Broods In New ‘Water For Elephants’ Trailer

Watch: Robert Pattinson Perma-Broods In New 'Water For Elephants' Trailer

Now, before we get inundated with angry comments from RPatz fans, let’s be clear. The headline above is more a comment on movie marketers who realize the best way to get hearts aflutter of girls and women everywhere and get them to flock to the theaters, is to show endless shots of RPatz being sad, confused or frustrated or some kind of combination of the three. And while we’ll leave our opinions on the movie until we see it, that’s the truth folks, like it or lump it.

Based on the novel by Sara Gruen, Robert Pattinson stars as an aspiring vet who falls in with a traveling circus, and falls in love with the beautiful wife (Reese Witherspoon) of the charismatic but cruel head animal trainer (Christoph Waltz). The film is directed by Francis Lawrence and looks pretty damn beautiful, no doubt assisted by the skills of cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto (“Biutiful,” “Broken Embraces,” “Lust Caution“). As for the story itself we’re still not quite sure what to make of it — there’s a magical realism tone going on here but also one of an overwrought romance — so we’ll have to see how it balances out.

Check out the trailer below which first arrived courtesy of Amazon who are debuting film trailers now for some reason. “Water For Elephants” opens on April 22nd.

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I think the WFE trailer looks great too. I think Rob is a very good actor and he looks like he will be great in this movie. I hope he gets the respect he deserves after this movie!


Joe, I was only pulling your leg .

Joe [surname]

You’re very judgemental ;)

Just kidding with you. Wasn’t being serious with what i said beforehand – sorry you possibly didn’t get that. Was just picking the words apart unnecessarily, semi-satirising a not-as-smart-as-he-thinks over-analyzer who misunderstands all he analyses. I understand that it could be said for a person’s inner beauty perfectly. I hope that comforts you ;)

Have you read it in an English accent?


Well, yes, you’re right – I’m a woman and he appeals to me big time, ngl. That was a very good trailer, very very good.


I’m not a Pattinson’fan, but I just said He’s very good in this film!!!!


Who cares about R-Pattz fans? The boy can’t act, pure and simple.


You’re very superficial. He was talking about her inner beauty, obviously

Joe [surname]

When a guy says, “You’re a beautiful woman, ” and follows it with, “you deserve a beautiful life”, he implies that he believes an ‘ugly’ woman/person – i don’t know his stance on men – deserves an ugly life. The guy’s a monster!!

If he, quite acceptably, denies that he feels that way about ‘ugly’ women/men – again, i don’t know his views on man – then that surely renders his words COMPLETELY meaningless, no?

I’m ambivalent about it, to be honest.


I hear the script to this movie is very good.


I am big fan of the book, and the movie looks like its gonna be a winner. I really hope it gets fair, unbiased reviews without becoming a battle between Pattinson fans and haters. Both are equally childish and annoying.

Christopher Bell


And yeah, she’s completely nervous about the casting of Pattinson.


Obviously you haven’t read the book, because otherwise you would have known that Rob is doing exactly what he should do, he plays the role of Jacob and judging by what I’ve seen in the trailers, he does it perfectly.
I don’t know why Rob is not given a chance to learn and grow like every young/new actor without being under a microscope all the time. Give the guy a break, he’s working so hard and deserves a fair chance.
Do your homework right next time!

Katie Walsh

Robert Pattinson is the blog equivalent of Bloody Mary. If you type his name into a post headline, it makes psychotic bloodthirsty females appear.


“And while we’ll leave our opinions on the movie until we see it…”

LOL! Yeah right. See, you can’t be obnoxious and snarky in all of your articles prior to the release and then act like you haven’t already made up your minds when you do the review.

See how that works?

P.S. The Amazon tie-in is because the book is currently #1 on the trade paperback NYTimes charts. It’s not rocket-science.

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