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Watch: Trailer For ‘Set Up’ Another Terrible Amazing Movie With 50 Cent

Watch: Trailer For 'Set Up' Another Terrible Amazing Movie With 50 Cent

Bruce Willis & Ryan Phillippe Shamed

50 Cent is the gift that keeps on giving. Last year, the rapper/actor made a 10-picture, $200 million deal between his Cheetah Vision production banner and Hedge Fund Film Partners which appears to be resulting in a bunch of films shot on the cheap with no attention given to any details or to even the most basic tenets of filmmaking. Case in point: “Things Fall Apart.” But this time Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe were somehow conned into this latest fiasco, “Set Up,” which now has a trailer and we have no idea who keeps getting hired to cut these (though we secret hope Fiddy is doing it himself).

Written and directed by stunt guy Mike Gunther, the film is about a diamond heist gone wrong. Apparently. As far as we can tell the entire movie takes place in an office building, limousine and a warehouse. There also appears to be Michelle Monaghan lookalike in here too. And while Willis can usually sell any piece of shit line given to him, even he can’t salvage the clunky one liners that pepper this thing.

More sad and pathetic than hilarious, “Set Up” ultimately reveals that the real swindle might just be on whoever ends up watching this thing. Check out the trailer below. [via Vulture]

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I’ve now seen two incredibly crappy films that Mike Gunther directed and he has to go down in film history as one of the worst directors ever to make a movie. Whoever hired this guy needs to be removed from whatever studio is financing this piece
of garbage. What a waste!!


50 really needs to reprise his role of Mr Thigo in Dead Man Running. I heard they commissioned a script for a sequel that all the producers and director loved, but money is hard to come by. Come on, 50, use some of that dough to bring Mr. Thigo back!!


That Michelle Monaghan lookalike is Jenna Dewan of Step Up fame.

Jacques DeMolay

Wow. Holy crap, this looks like a huge turd of a film. I really WANT to be incredulous that Bruce Willis would stoop to this, but after Surrogates I don’t think he could go any lower. Sad thing is, this shitfest will probably be margnially better than Surrogates.


“ghosts you mean people who should be dead but aint?”

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