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Zack Snyder Says ‘Justice League’ Film Will Be Separate From His ‘Superman’ & Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’

Zack Snyder Says 'Justice League' Film Will Be Separate From His 'Superman' & Nolan's 'Dark Knight'

Filmmaker Says Batman & Superman WILL Appear In New ‘JLA’ Film

Newly installed as the head of Warner Bros., Jeff Robinov has wasted no time in getting the studio’s priorities straight for the next few years and they plan on diving head first into the comic properties they have, and no wonder. With Christopher Nolan‘s “The Dark Knight Rises” marking the end of a chapter (though he will produce the eventual reboot), WB already has “Green Lantern” hitting this summer, with “The Flash” and “Wonder Womanfilms in development. But perhaps the biggest news to emerge in the last few days is that a “Justice League” movie is in the works to hit screens in 2013 — just a year after Zack Snyder and Nolan bow their Superman and Batman films. It’s an ambitious move with a lot of questions still to be answered. But Snyder has cleared up the biggest query around the film so far: it will be separate from the worlds he and Nolan will have created.

Speaking with HeyUGuys on the red carpet for “Sucker Punch” in the UK he said, “Like what Chris Nolan is doing and what I’m doing with Superman, what they’ll do with Justice League will be its own thing with its own Batman and own Superman. We’ll be over here with our movie and they’ll kinda get to do it twice which is kinda cool.”

Pretty savvy move on WB’s part, respecting the visions of their helmers while still finding a way to get more adventures of Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League team on screen. We suppose this now means there will be casting rumors for the next little while until this thing gets locked down (cue up everyone who ever tried out for both films) and if we had any worry, it might be an over-saturation of the crime fighters. At the very least, audiences will have very high standards for what follows both Nolan and Snyder’s films.

As everyone knows by now, one of the great, almost-happened-but-didn’t franchise movies was George Miller‘s “Justice League” which had among its cast Armie Hammer (as Batman), Adam Brody as The Flash, D.J. Cotrona as Superman, rapper Common as John Stewart/Green Lantern, and Australian supermodel Megan Gale as Wonder Woman. But just before it was set to begin filming the writer’s strike arrived killing the planned polishes on the script and eventually wound up shuttering the film for good.

This is WB’s second stab at the apple and comic fans will be scrutinizing every move. Christopher Nolan can’t godfather everything at the studio, but hopefully they’ll learn from his approach (smart, character driven scripts that also deliver the blockbuster bang people want). “Justice League” is planned to hit theaters sometime in 2013.

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Agreed. Cavill has to step it up and be a huge presence not only in the film but while promoting it. I didn’t read that EW issue but he has to make the best of his time at the spotlight. Do Kimmel and Fallon and be game to do sketches and the such.

I’m wishing him the best but he’s got an uphill battle.

He’s probably going to have a lot of fun filming Supes though. All the girls in Sucker Punch seemed to love working with Snyder.


Before “Man of Steel” opens, we will know who the JLA Superman is and filming will be well underway. Before Cavill’s movie even comes out, the hype will have begun to promote JLA’s Superman. Interviews, magazine spreads, set visits, endless website articles by the new JLA Superman, all happening BEFORE Cavill’s movie even opens. Can you even imagine? Cavill just had a bomb drop on his head.


Pretty sure no one is interested in employing Routh as anything in any movie. The guy is a Ken doll, not an actor.

Armie Hammer would make a decent Superman, but he won’t touch that role. All the JLA actors and the Reboot actors will be constantly compared to each other. No actor with brains or any heat puts himself in that position. It’ll be a thankless, low-paying gig to anyone who ends up in either the Reboots or JLA. Poor Henry Cavill has just been blindsided.


I think they could get Routh for “hella cheap” at this point, don’t you? He’s not exactly busy. If Hammer’s interested, I think you top-line it with him, give him the biggest cut, then Routh, then go far cheaper on the rest of the cast.

Kevin Jagernauth

Guys, the new JLA is going to be all no-names or dudes they can get hella cheap just like they did the first time around with George Miller’s film.


Okay, can we start the Brandon Routh for Superman in JLA talk now? Why not bring him back for this?

Hammer as Batman and Routh as Superman would be a really solid start to a JLA movie.


Hmm…animated films?

Didn’t Armie Hammer say they previz-ed the entire Miller film? Why not turn that into one of those direct-to-video DC cartoons?


I just wish there was more consistency across the board. It will be a bit weird to have different actors playing the same roles while others continue in their roles, it’s disjointed I feel. I guess the fact that a JL film is coming should be good enough. I figured we wouldn’t see one for another 6 or so years. However I do prefer the more seamless Marvel more.


Calming down now. Maybe the way forward is to look back.

So we get Bale in TDKR.
Then New Reboot Batman
and Michael Keaton in JLA.

Cavill as New Reboot Superman
and Tom Welling in JLA.

Reynolds as new Green Lantern (Hal Jordan version)
and African-American actor in JLA (John Stewart version)

That would cut down on confusion imo. JLA-world is then billed as “What if Burton’s Batman world got smashed up with Smallville’s Superman world?!!!” Snyder would actually be a better director for this world than the “realistic” Superman reboot world.


Maybe there’s still a chance that Brandon Routh could wear the suit again! *crosses fingers*


wtf? That’s going to be 4 or 5 Superman actors in about the same number of years. New Superman and 2 new Batmen (reboot and JLA)? That will kill all of their movies. Part of what killed the previous Batman franchise was turning over a new actor in every other film. Rapid churn makes it harder for audiences to invest in the characters. 3 picture deals or X-number of pictures per 10 years, seems to be the sweet spot. I guarantee that both the Batman and Superman Reboots and JLA will bomb if they carry through with this insanity. Warner GREED will kill the golden goose. They could pace themselves and rake in billions of dollars. Instead they’ll flood audiences with multiple Batmen and Supermen (and Green Lantern! ) actors and turn audiences off all of their DC movies. Insanity.


they should just do animated films for the Justice League films and leave Nolan’ Batman and Snyder’s Superman the hell alone. The Avengers is doin live action so WB shouldn’t attempt to copy their idea and just find ways to work around JL’s film.

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