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A True Quote

A True Quote

Here’s a quote I heard from a colleague that was said by an agent who handles writers:

When looking at representing a male or female writer who are both the same age and have equal talent the agent said that he or she would take the man every time.

Here’s why:

Their careers last longer, They climb faster, they don’t get sidetracked (i.e. having kids) and you can sell a man better.


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Maybe I’ll bring a sonogram of my IUD to my next agent meeting, just to prove I’m not going to “get sidetracked.”

head –>desk


Maybe the female writer would have a long career, climb fast and not get sidetracked if she had good agent. There’s intense pressure to get “sidetracked” when your career isn’t moving forward. It’s kinda chicken and the egg.

It’s also annoying that children “sidetrack” a woman, but not a man. Ug. That said, that’s one reason I don’t have kids, because it makes societal gender pressures that much worse.

As for “you can sell a man better,” well, clearly we’re not talking about a particularly exceptional agent who chomps at the bit to rise to challenge. ;)


Of course anywhere else, that would be illegal and subject to a class action lawsuit…but this is the film industry. It’s kind of hard to have a career when you can’t get an agent/manager.

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