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About Us

About Us

Who Are We?

A collective of writers, filmmakers, film critics and film enthusiasts, led by the site’s founding creator, Tambay A Obenson, all interested in discussing primarily film and filmmakers of the African Diaspora.

Each post is tagged with the name of the author for identification.

We obviously don’t have any official list of rules of conduct around here, assuming that we’re all adults, and we know how to carry ourselves in forums like this one.

However, it’s important to make it clear that, while healthy discussion and debate is welcomed and even encouraged, personal attacks against other readers isn’t, and repeat offenders will likely be blacklisted from the site.

To use boxing terminology – uppercuts, jabs, hooks and such can be expected in a fight; however, the fight still has to be a clean fight, and that’s why there’s a referee in the ring with the fighters, to ensure that each fight remains as dirt-free as possible. So, don’t be like Mike Tyson and bite off pieces of anyone’s ear; no head butts, no hitting below the belt.

You can be as combative as you want to be, but try to stay on whatever topic it is that’s being discussed. Dominating threads with insults, useless posturing and self-aggrandizing dissuades others who actually want to engage in real debate.

So, go ahead and fight as much as you want; but let’s keep those fights clean!

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Thomas Hurst

I don’t know????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Things We Do When We’re Alone is the first feature film by newcomer Chanel James and it is about growing up in Atlanta, Ga during the pop/punk emo music scene of the early 2000s. The film is basically a love letter to Brand New, her second in fact (the first being a short, Lie Awake, depicting the character in their song Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis). But screw it, she says.
"I grew up watching Now and Then on repeat, SLC Punk brought me to tears, Almost Famous, Singles, Liberty Heights, Detroit Rock City. All of these films with a rich foreground and backdrop of music that moved me and put me right there, in a story that related to actual life. And I wanted that for kids like me, who look like me. For kids that grew up going to their friend’s shows in strip mall venues in the suburbs, yeah I want to talk about the suburbs. I want to talk about how kids learn for themselves. It wasn’t until college that I found the magic of Fugazi, Jets to Brazil, Descendents, Bouncing Souls, Minutemen, The Smiths for god’s sake. From age 15 to 19 is was all Brand New, The Early November, MewithoutYou, and Saves the Day and thank goodness for that. This music moves you to be closer to who you are."
The Things We Do When We’re Alone, or #thingswedomovie as they’re calling it on the interwebs, is about what happens when you don’t just love music, but live by it. It is inspired by real events, real people and stars Taylor Garron (Zoom) and Tinuke Adetunji (Heart Full Of Smoke) – both who actually grew up like their characters, being liberated by the alternative music of their time. The campaign ends on Nov. 3rd, and they want this film to come from multiple voices, not just theirs. Check it out on Seed and Spark.

ron "nor then gator"

i am so appreciative of the collective work of art . the story of black people is ongoing you have to have an idea of where you came from to assess where you are going.everybody along the way has a critical input to the overall journey. there are no insignificant stories


The bloggers on this site are not very bright. Nothing written by these bloggers are original. Tambay & Sergio write about garden-variety tropes gleaned from mass media. That's common. These writer are running from themselves, their heritage, their race and identity. I'd suggest you IGNORE them, yet get into the Flims.

Who can respect people that are not white, yet psychologically believe they are?

More importantly, who can respect a man who hates himself and his race and all other races that are not "white?"

carole sherman

Congratulations and thank you for contributing and sharing such amazing work and art. I found this when I goggled someone so special that I had no idea was and is the accomplished and unique public figure as her modesty and humble class kept her from ever telling me. She is one of your artists and Im so proud of her.
Thanks so much for making a difference.

olugbenga Opesanwo

I am more concerned with the rate at which substandard African movies find their ways into foreign markets, and wonder whether Africa has lost all good script writers, directors, cinematographers, and others who could help make great movies.

It's high time we talked about standardization in African movie industry.


I love this site.

Chibuzo Melvin Mobis

Hi, all my name is Chibuzo, i am a Nigerian Indie film producers and simply wanted to shout out to all of ya here…


It's just so sad that teekah lewis was missing and was two years old and her family didn't hear her scream.

Jeff O

I would love if you all had an events sections. It would be nice to know about upcoming black film festivals, and be able to connect with others in the entertainment industry.

Vivian Siu

My name is Vivian Siu and I’m an independent filmmaker with Diversity Films, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit production company whose mission is to tell stories about people of color and the issues that affect them. I’m writing to you to submit our documentary, “Why Us? Left Behind and Dying” for consideration for review on Shadow and Act.

On the 30th anniversary since the first public acknowledgement of AIDS, a great deal of work still needs to be done to provide people living with HIV with the proper care they deserve and finding a cure for the disease. Today, every 9.5 minutes someone continues to be infected with HIV in the United States.

What was initially thought to be a gay White man’s disease is now a Black disease. While African-Americans represent only 12 percent of the U.S. population, they account for nearly half of all HIV infections in the United States, according to the CDC. The numbers are staggering: Black women account for more than 60% of all new HIV infections primarily through heterosexual sex; Black teenagers, while they only comprise 17% of all U.S. teenagers, they make-up nearly 70% of all new AIDS cases reported. Why?

“Why Us? Left Behind and Dying” is the story of a group of inner-city African-American teenagers who decide to explore the reasons why HIV/AIDS is so disproportionately high among black people. It takes courage: there is a terrible stigma around HIV in the black community. Told from their point of view, their journey reveals the various social, cultural and scientific reasons as to why the disease is ravaging their community and the parallel reasons as to why HIV/AIDS is also decimating Africans. Throughout their process, they meet various people living with and affected by the disease as well as sharing some of their own personal stories. They want to know, "Why Us? Left Behind and Dying."

The film was recently screened at the African American Women in Cinema Film Festival in New York and to date has been accepted to 14 film festivals and screened at over 20 major institutions in the United States. The film aired on PBS regionally this past summer, however, we are still seeking other platforms for distribution and broadcast for the documentary.

I would be happy to send you a copy of the film to review. Below is a link to the trailer. I hope you’ll consider this important story for Shadow and Act's audience.

Trailer for "Why Us? Left Behind and Dying"

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can be reached directly at 917-847-4790 or

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Vivian Siu
Diversity Films, Inc.

Asirus Ma'at el

My name is Asirus Ma’at: I have more then a few quality Literary works, that i am in the Process of Promoting. One, is a feature length film script, Semi- Auto biographical, About my Experience and Life, as an Artist/Social Advocate. Entitled: (Shades of a Harlem Poet) Based on a Book, Published, Written, and Authored, by your’s truely:called (The Mechanics of the Rhyme: History Book; Music Heritage) As a Independent, passionate African American Writer of History, Philosophy, and the Black Experience, I enjoy telling – out of the ordinary tales of the collective, Black Experience: My lit work is Availible for Review: like mos serious Writers, I have Invested a great dael of time and craetivity in my Projects; We feel that they have tremendous economic Appeal




Please post brief biographical information about your contributoris, the “collective of writers, filmmakers, film critics and film enthusiasts.” Thank you!

Donald Williams

Watchman Credit Group opened its latest division that funds television programs and feature length motion pictures. We are always looking for good scripts with African American themes and others, as well as films of all genres that have a wide ranging economic appeal. We don’t have to stay part of the diaspora. Send us an email at: and turn your film or televison project into gold.

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