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Alec Baldwin Joins Woody Allen’s Next Rome Based Film

Alec Baldwin Joins Woody Allen's Next Rome Based Film

Alec Baldwin is certainly not wasting any time in filling up his calendar now that the debacle that is “Men In Black 3” is behind him, and “30 Rock” will be wrapping up soon for the season. He’s already signed on for the indie “Lucky Them” with Marisa Tomei, Thomas Haden Church and Allison Janney (that will shoot later this year), not to mention the mega-musical “Rock Of Ages,” and it looks like once he’s done singing and dancing this spring, he’ll take a trip over to Italy.

Deadline reports that Alec Baldwin has joined Woody Allen’s next Rome based film. It will be the second outing for Baldwin in an Allen film as he appeared, two decades ago, in the director’s 1990 underrated charmer “Alice.” Naturally, there are no plot details this early in the game — standard operating procedure — but Baldwin will join Penelope Cruz who recently revealed she had been cast in the film as well.

More names are likely to crop up in the weeks to come as Allen gets ready to unveil his latest picture, “Midnight In Paris” at the Cannes Film Festival next month where it will kick off the event, before opening in theaters on May 20th.

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hey playlist the deadline article also mentions that the mini woody allen, eisenberg of the social network, is rumored for a role? omg that is so hilarious.


My guess- Alec Baldwin will play a smarmy, disgustingly wealthy American business man in Rome & he’s an utter bore. Because he’s so boring & American his MILF wife will be cheating on him with a suave artistic Italian while they’re in Rome. This of course is all window dressing to the lead story about young wealthy Americans touring Rome & sleeping around with the local hot tail or artistically inclined men. Much talked about, shrug inducing message to follow.

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