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Anthony Mackie Was Considered For Jason Bourne Take Over

Anthony Mackie Was Considered For Jason Bourne Take Over

We missed this when it was announced late last week that Jeremy Renner had been offered the Jason Bourne franchise, taking over for Matt Damon

The studio looked closely at a number of up and coming stars, and tested the likes of Joel Edgerton (The Thing), Dominic Cooper (The Devil’s Double), Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) and Luke Evans (The Amateur American). Other names in the mix included Taylor Kitsch, Anthony Mackie and Oscar Isaac.

Not that it matters much now, but it still is interesting that he, Anthony Mackie, was actually being seriously considered for the part; obviously, he didn’t get it (his Hurt Locker co-star did, as already stated), but I never at all expected that they’d even consider a black actor for Jason Bourne.

That reflects positively on Mackie, doesn’t it? Imagine what a coup that would have been if he somehow, miraculously, edged all the other names out for the job.

Mackie as a 1-man wrecking crew, kicking arse and taking names… hmm… I can’t immediately see it. Though, I remember feeling the same way when Matt Damon was initially cast several years ago. Maybe Mackie will get his chance some other time.

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It would have been great, but things like this happen for a reason. Hopefully he becomes the face for an original million dollar franchise.


terrible…….cant believe it. Matt damon is the series…

Dankwa Brooks

I think that any good actor can do anything and bad actors can’t (Sean Combs on ‘Hawaii Five-O’).


I’d love to see Anthony Mackie in an action flick turned franchise.

I agree with Jug. Mackie’s star is definitely rising. If Abraham Lincoln is done well (i.e. more alternative/spec history, less cringe-inducing racism) and Mackie has a chance to shine, it will definitely cement his name in mainstream Hollywood.


Carey what’s good man? Yeah posting just won’t be the same, hard to jump in & out like double dutch LOL

Duncan Manutz

He’s a Juilliard Grad…he deserves this respect.


Whatsup jug and the rest of the fam,

Man, I never know who’s commenting so I’ve sort of laid back. I mean, since the running comments are gone, I never know who’s commenting nor what movie, actor or actors, etc, are the talk of the S & A town. I’ve managed to do a few drive-by reads and sometimes there would only be a few (total) comments. So, I’d just keep on driving. Did I miss a good discussion/debate/ struggle – anybody?


I can totally see it!! but then I love him so I’m biased :-)


I find it interesting that he wasn’t announced on any short lists, which is some bull because sometimes half the battle is “being nominated” you know? Folks think of you differently when someone else thinks of you.

But he is definitely positioning himself (and has been for a while) as the go-to black dude in Hollywood. It will indeed pop for Mackie…save he beats down a chick or gets high & goes off on a sick rant at the W LOL

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