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Anthony Mandler Is Going To Make Sure Zac Efron Will ‘Die In A Gunfight’

Anthony Mandler Is Going To Make Sure Zac Efron Will 'Die In A Gunfight'

Zac Efron is determined to have someone punch his adorable little face. The tween heartthrob has been lining up a number of Adult Projects that will hopefully help him transition into grittier fare and one of those, “Die In A Gunfight,” now has a director.

Deadline reveals that Anthony Mandler, a commercial and music video director who has worked with a number of folks including Rihanna, Drake, Usher, Jay-Z, The Killers, John Legend, T.I., One Republic and Muse will make his feature film debut with “Die In A Gunfight.” The Black List approved script from newbie writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari will follow “a fight-prone and death-obsessed young society man who pursues a romance with the daughter of his father’s enemy.” Yowsers. We presume gunfights and death ensue.

No word where this will fall on Efron’s slate. He’s also got the high-concept Euro actioner “Charlie Countrymanbrewing as well, in addition to a Hollywood remake of the nifty Swedish drug drama “Snabba Cash” as well as the con-man tale, “The Art Of The Steal” (not related the documentary of the same name).

Efron will next be seen in the “The Lucky Ones,” yet another Kleenex ready bit of emotional baiting based on a book from Nicholas Sparks and he’s also in the massive ensemble for “New Year’s Eve.” Check out some of Mandler’s work below.

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Jonah Abel

What studio executive is dumb enough to hire a hack director in a bad economy. Someones losing there job. Mandler is the epitemy of superficial artistic expression and his film will be the ultimate thesis to that. Rich Hollywood boy with connections gets a movie made. That should be the headline. The only saving grace is the actor is Efron so a good actor doesn’t ruin a career in the process.


i think zac would do really great he is a really great actor he can act just give him a chance im sure he can do it and i cant wait to see it when it comes out same with the other movies that he has coming up I LOVE ZAC EFRON and that dude is probably just jealous and probably hates him because zac is way better looking then him


Oh pls let the movie come out. He would be good i am sure. He was good in me and orson wells and 17 again. He can carry different kind of roles and this is sure going to attract a mature crowd. And its really stupid not to recognise talent due to his looks when a lot of critics have certified that he has potential and can surely act.


I think all guys stop getting jealous of movie star heartthrobs when they’re in middle school, Zac.


Men are always jealous when they see their girlfriends looking at other guys, even worse when comparing them – any guy that says otherwise is either lying, ignorant or stupid. I’ve seen it in every guy I’ve known.

Edward Davis

“Plus there was an article a while back about him getting advice from Leonardo DiCaprio about acting.”

Oh, right, well that certifies it then.


Zac Efron is actually a good actor. He did a great job in “Me and Orsen Wells.” Plus there was an article a while back about him getting advice from Leonardo DiCaprio about acting.

Why not

If Why’s (or any guy’s) girl made him go so she could get a serving of muscly eye candy that she maybe can’t get at home, I can’t blame him or other boyfriends for putting Zac down. Even if it maybe is irrational.


He probably saw Charlie St. Cloud because he has a girlfriend and they go out to see the movies she wants to see. That’s how all men see anything Zac Efron-related, homie.

Why not

The fact that Why has seen Charlie St Cloud astonishes me since he seems inclined to hate Zac Efron and Zac Efron, from what I understand, is the only reason to see that movie.

There certainly are worse actors out there and he’s not half bad so no harm in the kid trying to branch out and grow up.


Zac Efron throwing a punch in Charlie St. Cloud was the funniest thing I have seen in a while. Now they want him to play a fighter or some type of action hero? That’s just not happening. It will be an unintentional comedy.


Mandler makes the most bland and shapeless music videos in pop music – I can’t imagine how much of a mess a feature film will be, from him.

He seems like a nice guy, but if he’s actually good at anything, it’s convincing people like Rihanna and Drake that they’re making serious art history with every video they do together (his treatments use a lot of sensational adjectives that never come through in the video).

Rihanna’s fans started an uproar when it was announced he’d be directing her “Only Girl” video (their 76572nd collaboration) back in September because they were sick of his work.


Thats amazing. He is a very good actor and a lot of critics have said he would do well with good scripts and these seem to be.

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