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Armie Hammer Eyeing ‘The Lone Ranger’ With Johnny Depp

Armie Hammer Eyeing 'The Lone Ranger' With Johnny Depp

Armie Hammer has found himself quickly on the top of the list of young actors in Hollywood. His breakout performance in David Fincher‘s “The Social Network” quickly nabbed him roles in Clint Eastwood‘s “J. Edgar” as well as Tarsem Singh‘s upcoming Snow White movie with Julia Roberts. And if everything goes according to plan, Hammer could quickly find himself starring opposite the biggest movie star in the world.

Deadline reveals that the actor is in early talks to take on the titular role in “The Lone Ranger” with Johnny Depp playing Tonto. As you might recall, Ryan Gosling was rumored for a hot minute before his reps shot it down. The Gore Verbinski-directed film has been in the works now for a while, getting formally announced last fall with Justin Haythe, who adapted “Revolutionary Road” for Sam Mendes as well as the “Jekyll” project for Keanu Reeves, penning the screenplay.

Anyway, we’ll soon see how this plays out but we really hope the young actor doesn’t fall into Jeremy Renner Syndrome and just start taking big studio projects. The kid is a fine actor and we’d love to see him mix it up with some challenging indie fare. That said, you don’t say no to opportunity to work with Johnny Depp especially in a film which wounds like it would be a total blast to make. The plan is to shoot the film this fall presumably when Depp is done with “Dark Shadows” and Hammer is finished saving Snow White from Erin Brockovich.

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(I’m sorry,the link I posted seems don’t work…I think it works this time.


I think all his role in new films are still supporting roles.So probably it’s not that bad move for him.

(I’m sorry,it’s O/T in here…but one of most promising young actors,Jim Sturgess looks great in these new ONE DAY production stills.He is a movie star.Anne and Patricia Clarkson look great,too .I love these classy pictures.OD trailer isn’t posted online yet,but it has been shown in some theaters since last weekend.I heard it’s amazing.I think/hope we could see it online soon. )


Jeremy Renner was a nobody for years. He was even on a reality show on Bravo. Sorry he’s taking fun money projects and doing them well. It isn’t like he doesn’t have two consecutive Oscar nominations or anything.


I left a blistering diatribe at Finke’s place, so enraged was I at this news. It went thusly:

Hammer? So this CW reject is stealing Young Hercules’ chance at a role seen by more than his traditional audience of 5 people?! This shall not stand! No sir. Young Hercules is ready to branch out into the dreaded and lucrative world of mainstream movies. And lest you forget Mr. Hammer, Young Hercules’ show premiered on the much superior FOX network. FOX>>>>>CW!


Yeah, Kevin… love the site and everything, read it every day, but c’mon… this whole “don’t do franchise movies!” advice to up-and-coming actors is somewhat silly.

Nobody in the world knows who Armie Hammer is, outside the movie blogging world. If he takes a role opposite the biggest star on the planet, he’ll have a lot more freedom to make whatever he fancies. Do you think DiCaprio would be able to choose whatever project he desires if he never made Titanic?


Yeah, it would suck if he starts taking advantage of his newfound success and then tries to parlay that into a real career. It’s not like having success at the box office would give him more creative freedom in the future.

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