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‘Captain America’ Sequels Can’t Be Set In WW2; Chris Evans Says “He’s In The Modern World” By Pic 1

'Captain America' Sequels Can't Be Set In WW2; Chris Evans Says "He's In The Modern World" By Pic 1

Actor Confirms That Captain America And Tony Stark Will Butt Heads In ‘The Avengers

Little bit of nerd talk here, bear with us. Given the nature of most modern super hero films, WW2 is a pretty unique setting, which makes “Captain America: The First Avenger” — a picture that has looked better and better since it was first announced — something that could (hopefully) pan out as an interesting, enjoyable and entertaining piece of popcorn (hey, if “Thor” can pull it off, anything’s possible, right?). So, some of us have been asking internally, could a “Captain America” sequel possibly be set once again in WW2? Or sometime in the past?

The answer, essentially, is no. Marvel head Kevin Feige recently corroborated as much when he said the inevitable “Captain America” sequel (yes, they are moving forward), “will continue to explore the modern world in another film of his own.” And then we saw photos of Chris Evans in Times Square with Samuel Jackson which basically solidifed the fact that “The First Avenger” does end, or contain some scenes in our modern era. So going back to the 1940s is just not gonna happen as much as some of us would like ideally would like (well, provided the first film is actually good).

“Well, we start [shooting] ‘The Avengers‘ on Monday and ‘The Avengers’ is modern world. Even in the first ‘Cap’ movie they bring him into the modern world, so that’s established,” Chris Evans recently said in a mildly spoiler-ish interview with MTV this week.

So “The Avengers” shoots on Monday. What happens in that picture? Well, the plot is largely unknown so far, but the recent ‘Avengers’ casting additions and confirmations of “Thor” actors Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgård, does strongly suggest that Loki (Thor’s mischievous evil brother) will be one of the pictures’ central antagonists as has been rumored for several months now.

Most people have assumed that a younger Chris Evans and a cocky Robert Downey Jr. as “Iron Man“/Tony Stark would butt heads in the film and Evans also certifies that will pretty much be the dynamic. “He’s a fish out of water. He’s a man not of his time, coming to terms with how the world is now,” Evans said of Steve Rodgers/Captain America who is somehow sent from the 1940s to our modern times in the first film.

“There’s a dichotomy, a kind of friction between myself and Tony Stark,” he said of the ‘Avengers’ leadership struggle. “They’re polar opposites, one guy is flash, spotlight and smooth and the other guy is selfless and in the shadows and kinda quiet and they’re opposites and they have to get along. So we explore that [dynamic] and it’s pretty fun.”

Robert Downey Jr. vs. Chris Evans? Probably no contest, right? Still, should be interesting to watch. “The Avengers” doesn’t hit theaters until May 4, 2012, but “Captain America: The First Avenger” is less than three months away and arrives on July 22.

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It will be interesting to see the dynamic between the two of them. Robert Downey Jr. smashes and steals every bit of scene he’s in, so I really don’t know how they are going to pull of having a triple A star and well, Evans. I liked the guy in the movie, but really, you get RDJr in there and its a killer. The Avengers director will have a full plate on his hands to pull this rabbit out of the hat.

Russell Brandt

Captain America 2 being set in the present could actually be interesting if done right. It would be good if the film is based on current affairs and aside from fighting rogues gallery villains, Captain America also battles a real world threat such as Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Iranian extremists, North Korean extremists, Somali pirates, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces, etc.

Glenn Morris

Feels wrong plugging my site here but I interviewed Chris for Flixist and asked if it would be New York where Steve Rogers adjusts to the modern world in Cap 2. The answer is essentially “They have to!” while at the same time “I can’t say.”

So similar to Wolverine and Japan, I think Chris will be pushing for that NY skyline story.


Really sick of RDJ’s verbal sparring with everyone being called acting.


Possible Spoiler: In the original Stan Lee-Jack Kirby comics, Captain America was flung into Arctic waters by a Nazi superweapon in the final days of WWII and spent the fifties in suspended animation, frozen in the ice (Stan and Jack maybe having thought that up after catching The Thing From Another World on tv one night). The super soldier serum supposedly kept him alive; then in the early 60s the Sub-Mariner found Cap frozen in a block of ice being, uh, worshipped by Eskimos (okay, admittedly it gets pretty stupid at this point, although I suppose it’s vaugly possible HP Lovecraft fan Stan Lee lifted that from The Call Of Chthulhu.)

Namor, for some reason I can’t remember, tossed Cap’s icecube into the ocean, and when he thawed out he was rescued by somebody else I can’t remember; and then spent the next few years angsting in the finest Silver Age Marvel style, spending a lot of his time out of costume staring off at the Manhattan skyline with thought balloons that said things like, “My whole world has vanished! Everything has changed!” You look at how depressed Cap, The Thing, Spider Man, Daredevil, The Hulk and The X Men were and sometimes you think they should have had support groups instead of super teams….

Anyway, sounds like they’re going to use that basic idea, updated to the present and presumably minus the Sub Mariner.

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