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Eddie Murphy’s “A Thousand Words” FINALLY Gets Release Date!

Eddie Murphy's "A Thousand Words" FINALLY Gets Release Date!

Damn! Talk about being raised from the dead. Finally… after how many years, this baby will finally be released. What’s the point now, really?

Anyway… I came across the following on Deadline minutes ago…

Paramount said today that it will release DreamWorks’ Eddie Murphy starrer A Thousand Words on Jan. 13, 2012. The comedic drama — directed by Brian Robbins, who previously teamed with Murphy on Meet Dave and Norbit — had been sitting around awhile.

What’s A Thousand Words about again? In the film, Murphy plays a busy, high-powered literary agent who doesn’t spend enough time with his wife (played by Kerry Washington) and son, discovers that he only has a thousand more words to speak before he dies.

Sounds high-concept enough, right?

I wonder what the heck happened? What was the deal? That January 13th release date certainly doesn’t inspire much confidence in me… not like I had much before, after almost 3 years in limbo, which is generally not a very good sign.

So this means we should see a trailer very soon then right? Can’t wait! Ok, I’m lying :)

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I suspect either: 1) he’s the only director currently who can deal with Murphy who’s notoriously difficult to deal with or 2) he has some very incriminating pictures of Murphy


Why do they keep letting Brian “Head of the Class” Robbins direct Eddie Murphy movies? It looks like he’s had nothing but stinkers. He’s been successful EPing television shows and his early features were modestly successful. But after Norbit and Meet Dave, I wouldn’t expect him to keep getting chances.

Dankwa Brooks

Eddie Murphy is a movie star and a leading man (something not easy to achieve), but much like Kevin Costner his leading man days may be over. Of late he has been going the Costner route and co-starrring in a lot of things. I agree that he is a true talent and I would say he should step out of the box, but I think that’s exaclty what he has been doing with the aforementioned ‘Words’ and ‘Meet Dave’. I wish he would lend his star power to more black pictures as well like he did in ‘Dreamgirls’.


I wrote about this film months ago on S & A. The film was originally supposed to come out on Jan. 2010. But it got horrible reviews at test previews (I recall one S & A reader commented that he saw it at one of those test previews and did confirm that it was pretty bad) so the studio went back and did extensive reshoots on the project.

But still even those reshoots were a long time ago meaning that not even the reshoots helped the film. Also Dreamworks is probably banking on Tower Heist, Murphy’s film with Ben Stiller coming out later this year, doing well so maybe it would be safe to release it


Has he met his Paramount quota/contractual film obligation? If so, does he not want to do film anymore? Does he not care? I can see Eddie in so many things… He just needs the right film…if that’s what he wants. The drama bit, the comedic bit, he has. His talent/presence is missed…and I’m not talking his “norbit” or “meet dave” ‘presence’… Now I wanna watch his flicks from the 80s. I reminisce.


MEET DAVE happened. Everything “Live-action” Murphy became toxic after that. He was in talks to do the Richard Pryor joint so Paramount still loved him, he’s made A LOT of money for them over the years.

Signed posters for IMAGINE THAT are collecting dust in the recycled furniture warehouse on the lot, True Story LMBAO

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