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Emile Hirsch Joins Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages’

Emile Hirsch Joins Oliver Stone's 'Savages'

Welcome back, Emile Hirsch. The young actor seemed to have disappeared for a quick moment, but he’s coming back with a fury. He’s got the indie “Killer Joe” and the blockbuster “The Darkest Hour” headed to screens this year, he’s currently filming “The Motel Life” with Stephen Dorff, and now he’s adding another project to his plate.

Variety report that he’s joining the already ridiculous cast of Oliver Stone‘s “Savages.” Based on Don Winslow‘s book, the story follows two pot dealers—Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch)—who square off against a Mexican drug cartel when their girlfriend Ophelia (Blake Lively) is kidnapped and held for ransom. Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro are already on board as Elena—the Mexican cartel queen who develops maternal feelings for Ophelia—and an enforcer, respectively. John Travolta will play Dennis, a burned out DEA agent while Uma Thurman is going to be Blake Lively’s mom. As for Hirsch, no word yet on what his role is going to be.

Filming on “Savages” kicks off in July, and no word yet on a release date but 2012 is pretty much a guarantee.

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Emile has played in some great movies. I still remember him saying “I don’t want to play in any bad movies” when offered the role for The Girl Next Door. Hopefully these new ones are good. “Savages” will be either way if Uma Thurman is in it.


I hope this is good, but it does seem to have a whiff of Alpha Dog about it.

buck swope

just finished this book, and while i think it is fantastic, i have less than high hopes with oliver stone. wall street 2 was one of the worst movies i saw last year, and he has been brutal for years.


If by “fury” you mean “a bunch of crappy movies”

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