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Goodbye “House Of Payne”

Goodbye "House Of Payne"

Yesterday, we announced Tyler Perry’s new TBS TV series based on his Why Did I Get Married? pair of movies; I only just realized that I completely forgot to mention this piece of news, which was tucked inside the press release announcing the new series; so here it is if you haven’t already heard/read it:

“For Better or Worse comes just as Tyler Perry’s history-making House of Payne prepares to end its highly successful run. “Even though it will be sad to say goodbye to House of Payne, I’m really looking forward to exploring new territory with For Better or Worse,” said Tyler Perry. “Working on House of Payne taught me a lot about what it takes to make a successful television series and I’m looking forward to applying that experience to For Better or Worse.

So… goodbye House Of Payne (pour out a little liquor); hello For Better Or Worse (say a little prayer :))

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I agree Amilcar. I may not be a huge fan of his creative chops, but give the man credit where credit is due. We all know TP didn’t study this line of work, but his intent (to employ, build a legacy, and touch the heart with funny, feel-good films…or at least I think that’s his attempt. Maybe he’s the Illuminati -_-) is on point.

Please spare me the road to hell cliche. I – and this may just be me – I think he’s actually trying to improve his work. And his trial and many, many errors play out for everyone to see. I think this move to end House of Payne and run with For Better or Worse was an attempt to answer the call of his critics and fill the need for a black sitcom that’s slightly more sophisticated (only slightly because he will only stretch himself about an inch for each project…can’t lose that fan base; that’s bread).

But here’s the original point of my comment: calling him Citizen Coon, Grand Marshall Coon, Coon de la Coon, Raccoon is just as ignorant as the Madea and Brown characters you all are criticizing. I love how S&A gives us a nice little wink wink or that quiet little side eye because we all know what it is. It doesn’t have to be shouted to the mountain top.

If you were all that concerned about how black people are portrayed in the media, you wouldn’t run to message boards calling each other coons.


They should do like “Everybody Hates Chris” and remove the laugh track, that was a great show.


I am not a big fan of all of Tyler’s projects, but I give him this much, he created his audience, built his studio and employ a lot of Black folks, and not just actors. That cannot be said for a lot of people in this business, including those at it for a long time. let’s give him that much and kill the hating.


Ok, I’m being so so mean here but…
This show as well as ‘Meet the Browns’ have been egregiously terrible.
I hope he comes w/ his best foot forward for ‘For Better or Worse’. I’m actually anticipating it. Minus the laugh track, Madea & ghettoness.

Dankwa Brooks

I think the title of this should be “Good Riddance House of Payne”, but like Adam said it will live on in syndication.

TBS won’t get the money though if I’m not mistaken the network never owns the show it’s a seperate studio/production company.

For example Warner Bros. owns ‘2 & a Half Men’ NOT CBS. Warner Bros. will recoup the syndication $$$. CBS is only making out on current ad revenue (which was high for a #1 show).

In all likelihood Tyler Perry Studios will recoup the syndication bucks.

Adam Scott Thompson

Too bad some of us can’t drive a stake through its heart in syndication and on DVD (which is where TBS really cashes in).

And yet, they allow Citizen Coon to persist.

TBS (very un-funny) is UPN reincarnated, with Emmit as their Grand Coon Vizier.


I’m glad it is GONE. But what is sad is that thsi is not the end he is coming back with more CRAP! Yay *sarcasm*

Tyrone Lee

I never really liked the show anyway. Meet the browns was funny until they took the old people out. But I will be praying for the cast I’m sure that God has something great in store for them.


I watched this show for awhile but after it got repetitive and boring.


Huh???? I thought this was a TBS staple? Interesting.

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