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‘Hanna’ Director Joe Wright Calls “Bullshit” On ‘Sucker Punch’s Faux Feminism

'Hanna' Director Joe Wright Calls "Bullshit" On 'Sucker Punch's Faux Feminism

One of the many things that we took particular umbrage with in reviewing Zack Snyder’s unerringly nasty, totally boring “Sucker Punch,” was its horrible gender politics. Keep in mind that this is a movie in which a bunch of young girls, to escape the psychic and physical pain of getting regularly raped by a swarthy orderly, zap themselves into a make-believe fantasy world in which they wear next-to-nothing, engage in adolescent male videogame theatrics and take orders from a gruff older man (played, with some aplomb, by Scott Glenn).

Well, it seems like others are getting similarly rubbed the wrong way. At this weekend’s WonderCon, “Hanna” director Joe Wright called the movie out (without actually using its stupid name) for its troubling politics. And we cheered. In our hearts.

Wright was there with his frequent star Saorise Ronan (who also appeared in his adaptation of “Atonementmay be up for a part in his forthcoming take on “Anna Karenina”), talking about the title character of “Hanna,” a pintsized assassin looking for revenge. He spoke about the character using her hunting instincts (taught to her by her loopy father, played by Eric Bana) “in this age of gross sexualization of young people.”

Hmmmm, what could he be referring to?

When the conversation shifted specifically to the strappy underwear style of feminist empowerment that the Snyder film trades on, Wright said, straightup, “I think that’s bullshit.”

And he’s right! What’s particularly interesting about Wright’s assessment is how deftly he handles the title character’s sexuality in “Hanna.” There’s certainly a sensuality to her relationship with a young tourist (played by Jessica Barden), but there’s nothing overt or leery about the way Wright depicts their friendship. It feels natural and bittersweet, and not once do either one of the young girls exclaim, “We should wear corsets and fire machine guns at robots!”

You can compare and contrast Snyder’s vision with Wright’s when “Hanna” opens on Friday. [via Heat Vision]

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Zack Snyder is a hack of epic proportions. That guy doesn’t have a single original bone in his body and every one of his films shows that. With the exception of SUCKER PUNCH, his films have consisted of a terrible and insulting remake (DAWN OF THE DEAD) and two god-awful, near panel-for-panel adaptations of graphic novels (WATCHMEN and the abysmally awful 300).
So needless to say, his first pathetic attempt at a piece of original material was cloyingly awful to say the least. And yes, all it was, was a prepubescent geek fanboy’s wet dream of seeing scantily-clad “chicks” shooting guns and fighting samurai robots. Give me a break!
And now that Snyder proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a terrible director with no idea how to properly shoot or pace a story (this is what happens when we let said video game nerds who have NO knowledge of cinema whatsoever or even basic storytelling skills, helm a narrative feature. All they know is first-person shooter games and how to operate a game paddle) he is going back to what he does best – working from previously published material in the form of SUPERMAN.

If you thought Bryan Singer’s version of The Man of Steel was bad, wait ’til you see Snyder’s crap version.


A women’s review on “Sucker Punch”, and she does a pretty bad ass job on explaining it!(:



Sucker Punch is A AMAZING FILM. And heres one more quote a fan made..

“.She doesnt use the fantasies to cope with reality, its how she sees what happened after/ during the lobotomy. remember when the brothel is first shown it shows Baby Doll getting the lobotomy who then transitions into Sweat Pea acting out the procedure in the brothel. which it builds up to after Sweat Pea escapes. “


Here are more dumb ass!

“I cried in the end, because of Babydoll’s sacrifice, but in the end, when I heard what Sweet Pea said, it made me realize that all of that is true.”


Here is some more youtubers feelings on Sucker Punch then just the sex appeal! Get smart all of you!

Sad as it sounds, and it may sound like I am mad. Quite personally, I think I just might be. Regardless……

“This is the most powerful statement to come out of cinema for a long time. At least for me. Because of my past. Because I know I can carry on. And because the statement is ultimately true. We have the weapons we need. And to paraphrase “Shinedown The sound of madness” “You can sleep with a gun but when are you gonna fight… for yourself?”. Thanks to this movie, it’s now.”


“This movie… I just can’t say… It is really powerful…
And this final quote… It’s just beautiful…
You need to watch and than you will understand why I am sitting here and crying…
Best movie in this year…” here is a mother fucking fan of the film, and since this fucking director wants to get so mother fucking smart with the rest of you dumb ass critics, tell me did this person only get mother fucking sex appeal from this whole movie? Answer dumb asses!


and btw if that mother fucker wants to play this fucking game, he don’t know shit about “Female Empowerment”, that mother fucker better explain to me what sucker punch is! Or any of you who just found “SUCKER PUNCH” as a sex appeal film.

Because OHHHH I AM FUCKING CRAZY AND WILL SET YOU STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRY ME BITCHES.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got Zack’s back, 5 fucking years hes been working on Sucker Punch and this mother fucker and critics dumb ass reviews want to say its all about sex appeal. Let me know what you get out of this quote which yo dumb asses.!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG! Sucker Punch is not just all about the sex appeal!

If I were a lady I know I would like to be pretty and have gun and swords and what not. Plus SUCKER PUNCH is a deep, dark, inspiring story. I have a lot to say, but I personally want to cuss out the director any one know this dumb ass guys email address?


Try actually watching crap like Atonement and not vomitting. I’ll take 300 over Joe Wright’s sickening pap anyday.


Teenagers go to the theaters the most and bottom line Its About MONEY not art in Hollyweird.


[“Watch the 6 minute Steadicam shot from “Atonement” & I think you might chance your mind.”]

Are you referring to the Dunkirk beach scene that seemed to go on forever?


You gotta love those ‘director holding viewfinder’ pics…


“pride…” was mediocre while “atonement” and “soloist” were simply bad. “Hanna” as well looks terrible (blue eyes kid trained as the perfect weapon – what is it, 1990s already?). Director like that calls out guy who made 300, watchmen and dawn of the dead? Come on. Even Uve Boll is more director than Wright.


Wright shouldn’t have pilled on, even though he was correct. Sucker Punch!


A 6 minute steadicam shot doesn’t make a director great. It can be indulgent and distracting. A good director does what’s best suited for the story.


Both aren’t very good directors. Snyder doesn’t know what he’s doing. Hollywood is just getting shittier…


If Joe Wright wasn’t such a shitty filmmaker (Atonement was nauseating) I might take his opinion seriously.


I watch this movie and i liked it very much






Wright isn’t wrong for calling “bullshit” on Snyder, but he is being a hypocrite. The idea that a child is mature enough to comprehend the psychological effects of murder is no different than assuming a child can understand sex. Anthony Lane said it best in his “New Yorker” review of “Kick-Ass”:
“…it is violence, not sex, that our pre-teen heroine learns, but that is a cowardly distinction.”

Here’s the link to that piece:

fasbinder 62

There’s a lot of editorialising in this article, not much content. The only direct quote from Joe Wright concerning the film; “I think that’s bullshit.”

Well, I think that’s bullshit.


Spoken like a true professional, slagging of another directors work as if it were a pissing contest, how encouraging


Watch the 6 minute Steadicam shot from “Atonement” & I think you might chance your mind.


The guy who directed “The Soloist” has no right to call out any other director. Sorry

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