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Here’s That Ice T & Coco Reality TV Series You Were Asking About…

Here's That Ice T & Coco Reality TV Series You Were Asking About...

Just what you were all hoping for, right?

E!, the entertainment network has ordered 8 episodes of Ice Loves Coco (what else would it be called), a reality TV series centered on the lives of rapper-turned-actor, Ice-T and his bootiful /boobiful wife Coco, who never saw a string bikini and camera she didn’t like. I had to look hard to find an image that was mild enough to post here.

They’ve been married 10 years, so kudos to them, right?

E! says that the series, which will premiere on June 12 as a half-hour series, during the 10:30pm time slot, right after Keeping Up with the Kardashians will focus less “on anything salacious” and instead on the couple’s attempts to “balance professional aspirations with their relationship.

Their public personas are larger than life and completely unpredictable, yet what we find is their foundation is a very strong, traditional marriage,” said E! exec Lisa Berger.

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Geneva Girl

That was the safest photo you could find? Wow! She’s about to pop out of that dress. It’s embarrassing on so many levels.


I can now die happy… :-/


Is this all American tv is becoming? Reality, classless ridden???
And is it just me, but does it seem like E! has this trend or perhaps fascination of wanting to create these shows that display interracial couples only from the standpoint of white female/black male????


I’ve been surprised by what the E! channel is starting to get away with. Interesting how they’re becoming more “trashy” and nobody winks.


Great, another show I’ll never watch. Thank God for PBS.

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