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Hugh Jackman Passes On ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’; Amy Adams Won’t Be In ‘Rock Of Ages’

Hugh Jackman Passes On 'Snow White And The Huntsman'; Amy Adams Won't Be In 'Rock Of Ages'

Things aren’t in a good place right now for Universal‘s “Snow White And The Huntsman.” Their competitors over at Relativity already have Julia Roberts and Lily Collins ready to go in the Tarsem directed Snow White movie that’s going to hit theaters on June 29, 2012—six months before Universal’s entry. With Viggo Mortensen already having moved on, last week it was reported that the studio was talking to the now available Hugh Jackman to take on the part, but it appears those efforts have gone unrewarded.

The Wrap reports that negotiations between the actor and the studio have ended, leaving the picture, that currently has Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron attached, still without a Huntsman. However, they’re plugging away hoping to fill that role as the August start date is looming with a December 21, 2012 release date on the horizon — but they’ll need a big name to get audiences to care about two Snow White movies in one year. But that’s not the only project to lose a big name recently.

Director Adam Shankman was courting Amy Adams for a part in “Rock Of Ages,” his upcoming big-haired ’80s musical thing, but alas, Deadline reports her commitments to playing Lois Lane in Zack Snyder‘s “Superman” won’t leave her schedule any breathing room. But can we just ask that he finish casting his movie already instead of talking and tweeting about it every five seconds? Ok, thanks.

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Kristen can’t act or close my mouth Stewart set to ruin another movie. Hugh made a good decision. Robert can’t act or take a freaking bath Pattinson may as well do it. Who the hell still cares about Snow White? Tarsem should bitchslap his management. Amy Adams, go topless or go home. We’re waiting to see those puppies.


Owen Wilson would make the perfect Huntsman. Who is Lily Colins? Julia Roberts botox face irks me so they already lost a sale. Major yes for Amy Adams passing on the Tom Cruise project.

James Kragen

Amy Adams is incredibly gorgeous. This voluptuous young woman is pure American perfection. She’s a really sweet girl. I like her.

I never believed that she would do a supporting role in Rock of Ages while filming a lead role in Man of Steel. Same with Anne Hathaway who also passed on the same role for a lead role in The Dark Knight Rises.

I’ve always wanted to see Tom Cruise do a movie with Julia Roberts so I hope that she will be cast in the role.

Sheldon Cooper, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D.

We should expect seven of the following recognisable actors with comedic experience to play the Seven Dwarfs – Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey – who have a scene where they all sing “Heigh-Ho” from the original 1937 classic film:

Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Ricky Gervais, Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, Rowan Atkinson, Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Rob Schneider, Jeremy Piven, Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, William Shatner, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tim Allen, Chevy Chase, John Goodman, Billy Connolly, Danny DeVito, Robin Williams, George Lopez, John Cleese, Steve Coogan.

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