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“I Can Do Bad All By Myself” – Tyler Perry’s “Forgotten Classic”

"I Can Do Bad All By Myself" - Tyler Perry's "Forgotten Classic"

I know, I know… just humor me for a minute… :)

A quick Did You Know, before I head out to the 8PM MoMA critical panel discussion of Charles Burnett’s work and influence on the cinematic landscape, with Armond White, Professor Robert Kapsis, co-curator of the exhibition and editor of Charles Burnett: Interviews, actor Richard Brooks (who stars in Burnett’s To Sleep with Angerand The Wedding), filmmaker and Burnett collaborator Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, and Richard Pena, Program Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Ask most folks around here who’ve seen most, if not all of Tyler Perry’s movies (those he directed), which they consider his best work, and Why Did I Get Married would probably be the most uttered.

I thought it was interesting to learn that, while browsing over reviews of his films on, I learned that 2009’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself, was actually his highest rated movie, and worth noting, his ONLY overall positively reviewed film, enjoying a 60% Fresh rating on the popular movie review aggregator website. 24 out of 40 critics gave the film a thumbs up.

I should mention that the film, which starred Taraji P. Henson, made just over $51 million at the box office.

Interestingly, that specific movie rarely comes up on conversations about Tyler Perry’s movies. It’s almost as if it’s his forgotten “classic” (note the quotes).

SO… might this encourage you to give I Can Do Bad All By Myself a second look, or a first look, if you haven’t already seen it? *Kanye shrug*

I saw it actually, but found it not-so unlike Perry’s typical melodramatic, Christian-themed morality plays. But maybe I’ll actually give it another look… maybe :)

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Keyon Johnson

I kinda thought that Daddy’s Little Girl was really underrated good film. I think out of all of the TP movies it’s probably my favorite out of the bunch.


Ummm…I’m assuming most of you have never seen TP’s plays. Why would he break form with what got him to Hollywood, much less change something which has rewarded him with being the first African American studio owner and multimillionaire in less time than it takes to get a medical degree? Anyway, stop trying to watch his movies through rose-cloroed glasses and enjoy the window he’s giving you into the deceptively accurate, stereotypical life of black people. Yeah, yeah he may be a heavy handed writer and the camera angles may be awful, but most people aren’t that savvy or care. The proof…he’s still selling his movies to those who want to sell them to you.


I thought this was easily his best film alongside “The Family That Preys”, but it still wasn’t a good movie.


I thought ICDBABM was Tyler Perry at his worse, to me it was just awful. And amongst the bad performances Brian White the most effeminate tough guy ever.


I saw it. I actually thought Taraji gave a great performance. So did the young girl in the movie. That’s all I got.

Dankwa Brooks

LOL. To everyone. I was being nice by saying “okey doke”. The story was pretty bad even from a soap opera POV. It still wasn’t as bad as ‘Daddy’s Little Girls’ was one of the WORST movies I’ve ever seen.

I most also add that ICDBABM is the movie I use to point out why Taraji P. Henson is a great actor.


Dankwa, I agree about Taraji elevating ICDB Normally, TP makes good actors look bad but not Taraji. The woman actually outshines TP’s hack writing. I didn’t know Hope Olaide Wilson was from the UK but I agree with you on her performance as well. Her and Taraji added some much needed subtelty to Perry’s heavy-handed writing. Heck, I even enjoyed Madea in this film as well. For those reasons, I have to agree with the critics over at rotten tomatoes. ICDB was definitely Perry’s best film imo.

Seems like I am in the minority but I actually think Why Did I get Married is Perry’s worst film (mind you, I haven’t seen the sequel, which I hear is worse). The writing is horrible (as usual) but the worst part for me is that all the performances are forgettable. Unlike Taraji and Hope in ICDB, none of the actors did anything to elevate Perry’s writing. As a result, Perry’s trademark melodramatic style consumes the films, making it essentially unwatchable for me.

Jason Gilmore

The Family That Preys is Perry’s best film. Why Did I Get Married is second.

ICDBABM, despite the two great, aforementioned performances, is the last TP film I’ve seen & may be the last I ever will see. That’s how much I liked it. It’s just like all his other films and I’ve seen enough.


Ha ha ha @ forgotten classic. You guys are 2 funny. I never liked this movie i thought it was boring and the storyline didn’t make any sense. And the downfall in the movie was seeing Madea make an appearance.

Dankwa Brooks

ICDBABM is actually the only Tyler Perry play I’ve ever seen in person. As for the movie, while the story I thought was okey doke I thought Taraji P. Henson’s performance ELEVATED the whole film.

Hope Olaidé Wilson (the little girl) was also good. Through the DVD extras I found out that Wilson was from the UK & was a promising talent over there. I thought “Yeah that showed”.

For the record ‘Married’ (1) I thought was Perry’s best film until ‘For Colored Girls’.

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