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Idris Elba Is Norse God-Crazy On Cover Of New “Source” Issue

Idris Elba Is Norse God-Crazy On Cover Of New "Source" Issue

What to make of this graphic novel-style cover (below) of the May 2011 issue of The Source. Freaky :)

Obviously playing on his role as Heimdall in the upcoming blockbuster Thor movie, The Source goes, shall we say, God-crazy, with Idris Elba on the cover.

Within the pages, Elba reportedly addresses the fanboy kerfuffle over his Heimdall casting, growing as an actor, his music and more.

“I’ve challenged my audience. I’ve taken them from being a drug lord to a preacher to married to Beyonce to American Gangster… versatility is the key to success,” Mr Elba says.

Check out the full cover image below.

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He’s got great screen presence. Too bad they chose to use that presence so poorly in Thor. He might have been better off as the head of the jotuns or some tough SHIELD guy… maybe give him more screen time with a less controversial role.


I’m really interested to see what he does next. I have something he’d be great in.


“…versatility is the key to success.”
Yes indeed…say that Mr. Elba! Teach the people.
I love his energy, the atmosphere he creates and he is such a powerful presence.
He’s becoming my fave!!!

E Forde

Its a pity he’s only in the film a little over 6 minutes and gets one small action scene 9Blink & you will miss it).




DJ Driis!

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