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Jeremy Renner Looks Locked In For ‘The Bourne Legacy’

Jeremy Renner Looks Locked In For 'The Bourne Legacy'

So much for Vulture’s report on Joel Edgerton, published earlier today huh? Does Jeremy Renner have the lead role in Tony Gilroy’s “The Bourne Legacy” all sown up? All signs point to yes. Last week it was rumored that Universal wanted the breakout “Hurt Locker” star for the lead, despite all the testing they had been doing of up-and-coming actors, and that much has been confirmed. There seems to be two reports that are saying much of the same, but not quite.

Deadline basically says Renner has the role and while THR essentially agrees, their report appears to be more pragmatic. The studio wants the star, the star wants the role, however, scheduling could be an issue for the very in-demand actor who is currently shooting, Paramount’s “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,” then will have to shoot “The Avengers,” and then will have to do press for for Par’s “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

The good news for fans who want to see Renner in this role — and we include ourselves in this bunch, though we would love to see the aforementioned Aussie Edgerton nab some meaty supporting role — is that “The Bourne Legacy,” according to Deadline will shoot in September, so “The Avengers,” which appears to have been bumped into the summer, may not conflict (to be honest, we’re unsure when it’s shooting, but the original plan was spring 2011 which has passed and Renner is obviously now shooting an entirely different film; and with folks like longtime ‘Bourne’ producer Frank Marshall tweeting about it, perhaps calendar issues aren’t that big of a deal).

Deadline seems to have quite a bit of deets. However, they note: Renner hasn’t taken the role yet, but he has been formally been offered it apparently. The actor will evidently play, an operative from a covert government program, however it isn’t the Treadstone’s brainwashing program that birthed Jason Bourne, and it’s apparently a group that is “even more dangerous than the Treadstone.”

Maybe Edgerton can at least score the male lead role in “Snow White And The Huntsman,” with Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart already onboard, maybe Universal’s fairytale tentpole doesn’t need such a huge name and the guy surely has it in the talent department (as anyone who saw his short, but brimming potential in “Animal Kingdom” can attest). He’s a huge star just waiting to break just as Renner was before “The Hurt Locker.” One hopes that egos will not preclude some of these actors who have tested to take supporting roles in “The Bourne Legacy” which is scheduled to land August, 2012 in theaters.

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Great, he’s a fantastic actor, fit well for Bourne.


In the reality of the Bourne universe anyone can play Jason Bourne. Damon’s character is really David Webb, and Jason Bourne is just one of his many aliases. Other agents/assassins probably can take on that alias if need be. Jason Bourne isn’t the character Matt Damon played, it was really David Webb. Which is again another more realistic take than the Bond movies where a bunch of different actors played the same character through different eras.


wait… why do I get the feeling you actually ANTICIPATE “Snow White And The Huntsman”??????? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Kevin Jagernauth

I’m making a bet now — 60/40 odds say Tony Gilroy bails on the movie.


How could anyone be bored with Renner? He’s only been in 2 movies since 2007…


Terrible, HORRIBLE choice! NOT because of Renner (wonderful actor) but a truly UNINSPIRED choice by Universal! Renner is already the face of two franchises (MI4 & AVENGERS with, god willing, Hawkeye spin-off). That is already a committal of 6-7 movies, with one of them being a spy genre. How many times can we see you do the same sort of thing in different movies before we get tired? Over saturation, especially of a good thing, can kill or severely damage a career…just ask Jude Law

I love Jeremy Renner actually, back when I thought HE should’ve been the lead in S.W.A.T. instead of Colin, but this is some of the laziest bullshit studios have pulled in a minute since…well…since they cast him in MI4 LMAO…or Chris Evans as Captain America AND The Human Torch take your pick, but I digress…

I think a very bad creative precedent was set with that Captain America choice. There used to be an unwritten, unsaid non-compete clause amongst studios about putting one high profile actor in the same type of movie for another studio. Well, chuck that out the window, now you will see the SAME “It” boy/”hot” actor in every movie for every studio (not an over reaction, look at the short lists for AKIRA & you’ll see).

Such a damn shame, because like Jude Law, if Chris Rock makes a joke about him & everybody laughs because it’s true and then we don’t see Renner’s ass for two or three years, it’s gonna suck. Dude is good & deserves better.

That being said, it was HIS choice, so I’m lookin’ at him side eyed too. Whatever…over Bourne anyway


Definitely gotta wonder if the whole Renner taking over M:I franchise was a red herring. Bet we’ll find he’s a) the bad guy, or b) someone who gets killed early on. If Paramount was serious about it, they’d have locked him down. RENNER IS THE MOLE. SPOILER ALERT.


Renner POWER


Joel Edgerton would be a MUCH BETTER choice. Why won’t the studios take a chance? I think he would be great.


btw I don’t give a crap about Pattinson or whoever, I’m just bored of Renner. I was really hoping for someone fresh.

The Playlist

Meh, Robert Pattinson would be better.




As much as I’m a fan of Jeremy Renner this franchise belongs to Matt Damon.

If anything this makes me wonder if Jeremy Renner taking over Mission Impossible is a big joke. Look, the Mission Impossible franchise has made money but no ones ever really pushed for a sequel. The MI franchise is Tom Cruise’s baby & I seriously don’t buy him passing it off to someone new. Would not be surprised if “Passing the Torch” in MI4 goes the same route as another 4th entry in a recent franchise.

Kevin Jagernauth

Wow, this Bourne casting thing is such a mess and the conflicting and cautious stories seem to verify that the studio and Gilroy don’t agree on where to go with this with different sides leaking intel.

And I love Renner, but would prefer Edgerton in this.


And he’s also in line to take over the Mission Impossible franchise from Cruise? That’s one super spy role too many.


I love how the two female commenters think he’s a terrible choice…

… I also love (meaning hate) how they come out of the fucking wood work defending Rob Pattinwhatever whenever you guys post an article about him.


I find it hilarious- and sexist- that women cannot dislike a casting choice and then are considered “Pattinson lovers” if they do. I am not a Pattinson fan, but so what if I was? Does that make your opinion better than mine, KT? I do not like Renner, period. So I will not be watching this franchise if he is cast. That should not affect your viewing pleasure, so kindly back the f*** off. Thank you! :)


ugh, I am so done with this franchise if he is the lead


such an awesome choice.


such a terrible choice.

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