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John Travolta & Uma Thurman Join Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages’; Blake Lively Confirmed

John Travolta & Uma Thurman Join Oliver Stone's 'Savages'; Blake Lively Confirmed

While Oliver Stone has been fumbling with last few films, treading water with stuff like “World Trade Center,” “W,” and “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” he’s putting together what is sounding like his most exciting project in years and he’s assembling a killer cast to tell the tale.

Deadline reports that “Pulp Fiction” and “Be Cool” duo John Travolta and Uma Thurman will reunite on “Savages,” with the previously tipped Blake Lively officially securing a role. Based on Don Winslow‘s book, the story follows two pot dealers—Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch)—who square off against a Mexican drug cartel when their shared girlfriend Ophelia (Lively) is kidnapped and held for ransom. Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro are already on board as Elena — the Mexican cartel queen who develops maternal feelings for Ophelia — and an enforcer respectively. Travolta will play Dennis, a burned out DEA agent while Thurman is going to be Blake Lively’s Mom.

The film is gearing up to shoot in July and this sounds like some great pulpy fare with a pretty wild cast. And we guess this casting means that “Gotti: Three Generations” project Travolta was linked to — which is now in search of a director — is on the back burner for now.

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Who did Blake Lively f*ck for the role this time?


Maybe you could barely understand her, but every critic in America who praised her performance apparently could, so I suspect it’s rather more you then her.

And there are some odd people out there who perhaps think Alexander, World Trade Center, W. and Wall Street 2 good movies; some think he’s made excellent movies of late.


I could hardly understand her in The Town, mumble much. Oliver Stone hasn’t made a good project in years, and this plot sounds ridiculous. It does have some interesting people involved that may make it watchable.


Sorry, have to disagree. I didn’t find her very convincing in The Private Life of Pippa Lee, all in all that movie wasn’t very good. Robin Wright Penn and Maria Bello were the best thing about it. That coming from Ben Afflect, who imo is an okay actor. I’ve seen The Town and Jeremy Renner is hands down the best thing about it. So far what I’ve seen of her I haven’t been that impressed with, but it’s obvious she’ll be in more to come. So…

Kevin Klawitter

Have you seen “The Town”, Brad? She’s more than sufficiently gritty in that movie.

Brad Milne

If they can`t get Jennifer Lawerence, they could definitely do worse then Blake Lively. Hope she is gritty enough for the part though.


In future, please post photos of Lively showcasing her magnificent rack. Thanks!

Edward Davis

Never seen a second of “Gossip Girl,” but Blake Lively can fucking act. She was surprisingly excellent in “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee,” and was very solid in “The Town” too (remember reading interviews where Ben Affleck said he was blown away by her audition and didn’t know who she was — thought she was from Boston).

If she keeps taking the right roles, she’s gonna make people forget she was on some dumb TV show.


I don’t care who praised her, there’s plenty that didn’t. I just didn’t find her performance that grand. Of all the people she wasn’t a standout.

Perhaps there are, but not from what I’ve seen. I don’t care for many of his movies, so the appeal is not high on this one.

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