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Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Signs On To Direct ‘The Crow’ Remake

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Signs On To Direct 'The Crow' Remake

Nick Cave Script Abandoned?

We’d been hearing whispers about this for months, and today the news finally dropped that “28 Weeks Later” helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has taken the director’s chair on “The Crow.” Relativity Media is calling the project a “re-invention” of the 1994 film starring the late Brandon Lee, based on the comic by James O’Barr. The project has seen a revolving door of talent in the past six months, with a script by Nick Cave, Mark Wahlberg flirting with the idea of taking up the face paint, and “Blade” director Stephen Norrington jumping off the ship thanks to an unnamed actor’s demands for rewrites.

But it looks like the Cave screenplay may be history? The press release says that Fresnadillo “will collaboratively develop the script once a writer is attached to adapt the screenplay,” and makes no mention of Cave. Again, we’d love to read the Cave version if any little bird passes it along. Casting is also up in the air at this point, but Relativity hopes to start production in Fall 2011, so maybe we’ll hear some “in talks” rumors coming up soon.

Fresnadillo’s longtime producing partner Apaches Entertainment‘s Enrique López Lavigne is also on board to produce, with original ‘Crow’ producer Edward R. Pressman joining. Pressman said, “the original Crow was groundbreaking cinema; its gothic visual and musical ideas influenced a generation and cinema itself. With Juan Carlos, we have every confidence that his new Crow will have a similar impact on the contemporary audience.” So you’re saying goth is back? Oh dear.

Looks like we’ll have more info from the production coming soon as they gear up to start in about six months. Who should don the leather pants this time around?

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Saucy Frenchman

anne = jonathan villalpando’s agent/manager/alias…?


In response to the above, here’s my thoughts.

JG Levitt: Great actor, don’t know if he has the right “vibe” for a rock star. Also a bit thin but I guess that could be changed.

Luke Evans: Seen some of his work, not enough to say yes/no. I like his look but looks a bit “old” for a role that I’m sure they want an actor in their 20’s to do. Gotta make parts 1-10!!

Jackson Rathbone: TERRIBLE actor. NO! This will be “Twilight” Crow (& well we’re at it, NO TWILIGHT ACTORS!)

Jack Huston: GREAT on Boardwalk Empire, what else of note has he done? Would definitely like to see him try out for it. He has a edgy vibe to him.

Taylor Kitsch: WHATEVER. I know he’s the next “Sam Worthington” but he just doesn’t pop out. I’ve seen his work and he IS handsome, has some acting skill but lacks that “thing” that most stars have. Could be shocked in the future, never know.

Jonathan Villalpando: NEVER heard of him, thanks for pointing him out though. Can’t judge without seeing his work, can’t say yes/no. He looks young which is a + & unlike the poster above (which I think might be a jealous comment) he DOES have a dark look. In my personal opinion he’s VERY attractive & has that “rock star” look to him.

I looked at his imdb page & take one look at that “dark picture.” To me that was pretty dark/creepy… had a “Clockwork Orange” stare. Him being latin too WOULD be different. Think of it for a second, a Latin director/actor pairing… don’t see too many of those pairs outside of Robert Rodriguez.

JOHNNY DEPP: AGREE, BEST CHOICE. ENOUGH SAID, but he also would never do it due to his crazy schedule. Wonder what a Depp/Burton “Crow” film would be. Or imagine him with Guillermo Del Toro directing??? Oh, we can all dream right!??

Saucy Frenchman

kerry farrell = jonathan villalpando’s agent/manager/alias…?

hahaha i checked him out on imdb. yes… i guess you’d say he has a “very dark look”

Kerry Farrell

I think Joseph Gordon Levitt would make a great choice. The character looks very jokeresque… also look at Joe in “Hesher.”

Other suggestions: Luke Evans,Jackson Rathbone, Jack Huston, Taylor Kitsch and if you want a different flavor then Jonathan Villalpando. He’s someone I definitely have my eye on, if you aren’t watching him, I sugest you check him out too. He has a very dark look which is what anyone will need for the character.

Any of these or maybe some other unknown would be great. The ultimate (impossible choice) Johnny Depp. Good luck guys and please just make a GREAT film.


Jacques DeMolay

Well, my hope for this being a remotely worthwhile remake just went out the window with Nick Cave’s script. Oh well.

Seconding the nomination for Joeseph Gordon Levitt, though. If he somehow winds up being cast I’ll go watch this thing even if Uwe Boll wound up directing it.

I would also settle for a James Franco crow. That’d be sweet.

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