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Kristen Bell Wants To Play Johanna Mason In ‘Hunger Games’; John C. Reilly’s Rep Plays Down Rumors

Kristen Bell Wants To Play Johanna Mason In 'Hunger Games'; John C. Reilly's Rep Plays Down Rumors

Twenty four hours have passed which means its time for another “Hunger Games” post but rest assured this one will at least contain names of people you have heard of.

First off, in a rather roundabout manner, a friend of /Film ran into Kristen Bell and passed along a written message that said: “Kristen Bell 4 Johanna Mason” (see below). Okay, then. It looks like the actress, who hasn’t been quiet about her love of the books by Suzanne Collins, wants to play the role but she’ll have to wait. Johanna Mason really only comes into play in the other instalments in the series “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” — she’s a District 7 survivor who eventually becomes fast friends with Katniss Everdeen — but hey, better to yourself on the radar of producers sooner rather than later right? Anyway, we’re pretty sure the fans will have something to say about the idea.

Meanwhile, as for those rumors that John C. Reilly would be taking the role of Haymitch Abernathy, seems they were a bit premature. A rep for the actor tell E! Online, “John does not have an offer. NY Mag never fact checked with anyone.” Of course that’s doesn’t mean won’t be on the way, so stay tuned.

We presume they’ll finish casting this film at some point and begin to make it. “Hunger Games” is slated to hit theaters in 11 months on March 23, 2012.

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I think Kristen would be the perfect Johanna Mason. He's the closest match to what I envisioned for Johanna. Sure she might be too dainty but remember she won the games the first time by looking weak and useless. She can easily be a bad ass on screen as well, I think she's the best bet, with Michelle Rodriguez as my second choice.


Personally When I think Johanna Mason tough lumberjack i don't see Kristen Bell,I see more of a Naya Rivera.


Personally, I've wanted her to be Johanna since around the time I read Catching Fire (I've had a few others in mind as well, but she was one of my favorites). To all those who think she looks too sweet and pretty, just remember, while Johanna IS a tough character in the series and she is supposed to have an element of sex appeal (which Kristen Bell has (especially if you've ever seen Burlesque)), she did win her games pretending to be sweet, meek and helpless, so she would need a little of that lingering pretty-sweetness. As for sex appeal and toughness, she's got the former, her role in Burlesque showing that off quite nicely), and for the toughness, her roles in Heroes and Veronica Mars show she can play tough very well. So for me, I hope that she gets to be Johanna (and whether or not they pick her, considering the track record of those who made the first movie, I have quite a bit of faith in whoever they pick).


Do you think a 16 year old will be able to audition for the role of Johanna?


NO. Sorry, but she's too sweet and pretty for Johanna. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but it's true.

Selena Smith

I love Kristen Bell,she's gorgeous and hilarious and so sweet and the way she fawns over this series is awesome! That being said, she doesn't really fit the character of Johanna at all,because while Kristen is sweet and pretty, Johanna is made up to be sly and sexier in a way. And the age and appearance also factor into it very much so, because Johanna is a spiky haired brunette and Kristen is a gorgeous little blonde.


Do you think a twelve year old with no experience could try our for Johanna. My best friend would die just to try out.
Please reply.


According to the books, Johanna's age can be anywhere between 14 and 20, as Katniss says "she won a couple of years back," she is not a 30 year old. Also, casting directors and screenwriters will most likely opt for a younger Johanna (16-18 year old) to appeal more to the targeted audience of the film. Honestly, the will probably steer away from the bleach blondes, because, Johanna is supposed to be a vicious lumber jack. Overall, I am not feeling Kristen Bell for this part. Maybe she should try out for a district one tribute or Fulvia or Coin.


kristen bell is all wrong for johannah mason!! Naya Rivera is absolutley perfect!! <3


What about Ellen Page? She's got the look and that little glow of troublemaking:P Plus, she could totally pass off harmless


I like Kristen Bell, I’ve always thought that she was a good actress…but I don’t know about this one…maybe. Johanna is supposed to be in her early 20’s. If the fans freaked out about Jennifer Lawrence being only four years older than the character of 16 year old Katniss, how would they react to 30 year old Bell portraying someone in their early 20’s?. Johanna and Katniss were pretty much at each other’s throats in the begining… both were fierce but Katniss always had the edge over Johanna as far as I was concerned.


Natalie Portman should be Johanna Mason! THAT would be killer!


Johanna Mason and Katniss do not become fast friends. Johanna was really mean to Katniss for a long time and even slapped her around literally. They eventually became friends. She is small but ripped, has short hair that gets shaved in the third book, has a nasty attitude, a sharp tongue, but is also very funny (at other people’s expense). Johanna also breaks down after being tortured by the government. I don’t think Kristen Bell can handle Johanna Mason.


So John C. Reilly is STILL rumored to potentially be attached to circle a role, and an actress wants a role in a sequel and threequel to a movie that is going to come out in a year?


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