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Lindsay Lohan Allegedly In Talks To Play Sharon Tate In ‘Eyes Of A Dreamer’

Lindsay Lohan Allegedly In Talks To Play Sharon Tate In 'Eyes Of A Dreamer'

The perma-legally challenged Lindsay Lohan is in real talks to star in a movie? Yeah, we’ll believe it when it actually happens, so for now chalk it up as a big, big maybe. Insurers for movies don’t like the stars to have a possibility of getting arrested or going to rehab.

Anyway, photographer Tyler Shields has told EW that Lohan is in talks to play Sharon Tate in his upcoming film “Eyes of a Dreamer” about Charles Manson. Tate was an actress on the rise (she won a Golden Globe for her turn in “Valley Of The Dolls“) and the wife of Roman Polanski, who was brutally murdered at the hands of the cult leader and his followers. It was one of the grimmest chapters in Hollywood history, and getting Lohan to sign up to get to play an ingenue who is butchered by a madman is a pretty good way to get publicity for your film. But yeah, we doubt this is gonna happen and so does Shields for that matter.

The photog admits that it all depends on the outcome of her upcoming court date following the felony grand theft charge for allegedly stealing a necklace from a jewelry store. If it goes to trial, she’ll probably miss out on the July 15th start date.

So all this to say, we think it’s kind of perverse and sad that the only roles seemingly being sent Lohan’s way are parts in which a woman is demeaned or butchered in some way. She recently got booted from the gestating Linda Lovelace biopic (she was replaced by Malin Akerman) but that film reportedly had all kinds of salacious stuff, while playing Sharon Tate seems sensational just for the sake of it. While Charlie Sheen is grown man who refuses to get help, people tend to forget that Lohan is not even 25 yet and is continually let down by a string of enablers around her who seem to try and make a fast buck on her no matter where she is legally or personally. She deserves better than this.

And Shields is totally upfront about using Lohan’s background to help fuel the “character.” “Sharon Tate was a movie star,” he said. “So I want [an actress who] you already have a back story with. People have a back story with someone like Lindsay. And I think it’s very relatable.” Uh huh. And if that isn’t enough, he intends to “go all the way” because he really wants “this to really hit people in a really specific place.” Right, right.

It’s all pretty pathetic and sad and we hope producer Brad Wyman wises up. But for better or worse, Lohan playing a woman who gets viciously killed will sell tickets. But yeah, the likelihood of this happening is fairly remote anyway.

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George Vreeland Hill

I think it is an insult to have Lindsay Lohan play Sharon Tate in a movie.
Lohan is a bum who is not in the same league as Sharon.
Why cast a loser in a role of someone who appreciated Hollywood and who worked hard?
Besides, Sharon Tate was a beautiful woman who had class and sex appeal.
Lohan has none of those things.
Lohan is a big drug user and an alcoholic who laughs at the justice system while getting away with so many things.
Many people do not even want to see her on the screen again.
I hope someone else plays the part.
Lindsay Lohan is no Sharon Tate.

George Vreeland Hill


I meant to say sad.


I just finished watching Valley of The Dolls on Netflix and it’s still one of my favourite movies. It still makes me to think of what happened to Sharon Tate. She was beautiful and not a bad actress. I say give Lindsay a chance because she’s still young. I remember her from Another World when she was still a kid. If not Lindsay then how a bout Andrea Barber from General Hospital?


I saw this scroll on CNN. I dont know what is worse that CNN actually had it scrolling when they dont even talk about half the things that are happening in the world that are highly important just like FOX News.

However I am not here to discuss the American Media which is a joke however I agree pg13myass

Lohan should never play Sharon Tate. I loved Sharon Tate and I found her to be a wonderful actress and what happened to her was beyond horrible and sad and I dont want Lohan near anything to do with Sharon Tate let alone play her. JUST NO!

Give Lohan another tv movie or whatever.

Oh and if people actually think Charlie Sheen is a national hero and I have actually heard people say it.
America has fallen just by that fact alone.

Nothing is worse than seeing people enjoy a man lose his mind and make money off of it. Disgusting just disgusting behavior of people who go to his shows and those who comment about him. The man needs help and those people make me feel sick.


Good article


I don’t ever want to hear Lohan’s name uttered in the same sentence as someone like Sharon Tate! Let me rephrase that, I don’t want to hear any mention of this talentless, attention starved media whore in anything! Please let her wither away into the dark void of obscurity!


You might want to correct a mistake and then delete my comment. Tate was not Polanski’s “former” wife when she was killed, she was married to him at the time.

Marcos Oliveira

I think she deserves a chance… I mean, she hasn’t done 10% of the shit that Charlie Shenn has done… He is a national hero e she is troublemaker. I

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