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Mo’Nique Offers to Broker Peace Talks Between Tyler Perry and Spike Lee

Mo'Nique Offers to Broker Peace Talks Between Tyler Perry and Spike Lee

Earlier this week in an appearance on The Mo’Nique Show, actor/director Tyler Perry opened up about his career and current projects, as well as his very public beef with fellow director Spike Lee.

Said Perry of Lee, “He’s a brilliant filmmaker. There’s a lot of things that he could share with me, but for some reason we don’t do that.”

Perry went on to say, “Instead of taking shots and tearing each other down, why don’t you give me a hand, brother? Tell me what I need to know. And maybe I can show you some things too.”

One can only wonder what kinds of things Perry is hoping to learn, and teach.

Mo’Nique responded by inviting the two directors to work out their differences, once again in public, on her show.

“Would you be willing,” she asked Tyler Perry, “if brother Spike Lee is willing, to come on The Mo’Nique Show and y’all have this conversation face to face?”
“Let’s make it happen,” Perry replied.
Mo’Nique then turned to speak directly into the camera: “Brother Spike, you have an open invitation to come and sit with brother Tyler Perry. So that way y’all can show the world at large how we can come together. Because we still are in the land of divide and conquer.”

Mo’Nique went on to say that Perry and Lee are both geniuses who would form a powerful connection.

Have a look at the full interview below:

Will Spike Lee accept Mo’Nique’s invitation? Time shall tell.

Via Antoine Marion. Read more at BET.

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Dankwa Brooks

CareyCarey it’s called MELODRAMA.


Please Tyler, why every time he has a new movie/projects comes out he always “bitchin” like a “bitch”. Last time he was on Oprah, he was still crying (like a bitch) about abuse, daddy whipping his ass, Dude, get over it,. and does he know he is talking to the ‘BIGGEST BUFFOON, in the business. ( Sam Jackson rolling his eyes, that shit was funny)


as Zeus reminded us – Italians did criticize The Sopranos BIG TIME.


I keep telling y”all that you’re missing the brilliance of Tyler Perry. Loosen your grip envy and jealousy and get up on this. Some folks will never seek first to understand and will never admit guilt and narrowmindedness, and thus, will continue to view Tyler Perry from a very narrow perspective that fits their own agenda.

Recently I visited a site (2010 blog award winner) in which the sentiments/comments concerning Tyler’s works were completely different from the flavor that’s prevelant here at Shadow & Act. In one recent post there was over 130 comments. As apposed to this site, most of the comments were pro Tyler Perry. Those that voiced a negative (and porous and unsubstantiate opinion of his movies) were booed and run off the block.

Here’s where I’m at. As I mentioned on one of Shadow & Act’s blogRadio programs (podcast), I see qualities in Tyler’s movies that many are missing. Let’s face it, Tyler Perry has a huge fan base. And regardless of the foolish opinions of those who classify his fans as ” blinded church folks” and the mentally challenged (which is simply fools fodder) I am here to tell you that it’s much deeper than that. And btw, I am a big Spike fan. Some know this, but I’ll say it again, I went out of my way to get an autographed copy of latest book Do The Right Thing. The book is celebrating just more than 20 years since the seminal debut of the movie by the same name.

Anyway, since I didn’t get my roll out on the podcast, here I go. Since it’s nonsense to suggest that Tyler fans are a narrow group of the underclass, I searched to understand the intricate details of his success, or at least how it applied to the success of his movies. Well, I did the old seek first to undersatnd thang. and you know what, after asking several people what the get from Tyler Perry’s movies, I found out it’s all about emotions. It’s not about a Christian message nor what some have classified as baffoonery, it about all the emotions and feeling Tyler elicites in one movie. Listen, I am not referring to brand, I talking about the fact that he doesn’t rely on trying to evoke one or two emotional reponses. He touches most of the emotions that move us all, all in one movie. Granted, the way he moves those emotion might not be presented in cinematic beauty (some call it lack of quality) put the point is, he has a deep understanding of humans emotion and how to tap them while telling a story. Many filmmakers try to tell a story, but they fail to engage the audience because they don’t move them emotionally, or they rely on one emotion, which leaves their film dead in the water. It may be a “good” and/or interestind story, but everything we do is based on our emotions and feelings. Tyler taps a load of them in a 2 hour (or less) movie.


Spike needs a studio to bankroll his movies. HBO seems to be his only distribution mechanism.

Perry needs a credible/ critically acclaimed filmmaker’s touch to branch out his 34th street banner. He can only wear a dress for so long.

These two brothers can help one another, and with the help of a nation of others, create an entity of collaboration, that will inspire others.
No one makes a film alone.



@Mr. Bubbles — Plus, if you can read, I’m a fan of Spike Lee, Barry Jenkins, Antoine Fuqua, F Gary Grey and many who have graced this site.

Not kissing ass doesn’t equal hating.

However, being a biased apologist, I can see where honest critique would seem threatening.


Nope, just someone who doesn’t hold Tyler ahead of Jesus Christ and just being honest.


Mr. Bubbles

@Zeus It is evident that you are struggling with your career and your low budget films are not profiting. This is why you are angry with Tyler Perry.


I see the Tyler Perry apologists are still talking out their ass.

Some facts…Spike hasn’t been talking shit about Tyler. Tyler is STILL mad about an interview Ed Gordon gave over two years ago when Spike gave his opinion on Tyler’s WORK, not Tyler himself.

This is nothing new. Spike criticized Clint Eastwood’s work, Tarantino, Spielberg and black folks stayed silent. Critique was cool then because they were white. What bullshit!

But as soon as someone DARES not kiss Ms. Perry’s ass, he has a neck rolling, Z formation snapping tantrum.

Ms. Perry is now realizing he pissed on a hornets nest and under estimated how many VERY LOYAL fans Spike still has. So now he is hiding his bitch ass hands and playing nice and suddenly wants to work with Spike a week after his so-called christian ass wished him into hell for not being another ass kissing apologist.

Of course Monique (skinny bitches ain’t so bad anymore) wants them to make peace on her show. RATINGS! DUH!

PLUS, Ms. Perry CLEARLY doesn’t Google because “The Sopranos” had the Italian Defamation League (among other Italian Americans) criticizing them all seven seasons they were on.

Spike needs to stay silent and keep doing him and that is being a free thinking black man who doesn’t need to get on his knees and kiss this HACK’S ass.

Spike isn’t a walking film school. If Ms. Perry wants to learn more, first, stop telling him to go to hell. Two, stop seeing negative critique as a personal attack. Three, stop acting like black folks ALL have to love all things black and finally, hit up some film classes like everyone else.

Dude has a studio and has made ten or so movies and he is saying he needs to learn from Spike?! A little backwards ain’t it? Usually school comes first! DUH!

Perry can go straight to hell and keep making the crap he is making and stop trying to kiss Spike’s ass now that he realizes he lost his composure to the wrong black film pioneer.

To Spike, I would give an apology. I’m sorry some black folk are now willing to throw you under the bus, after years of helping to revive black cinema and opening SO MANY doors (through Ms. Perry’s admission).

Keep doing you Mr. Lee and let this prick keep his foot in his fat mouth.

I’ve had it with Tyler Perry.


First of all, Spike is NOT a hater let’s get that straight 1st. Just because he commented on Tyler Perry’s lack of filmmaking skills and content. Doesn’t make him a hater he si being “real” somebody’s gotta say it right?

Besides, Spike said, this years ago on 60 minutes why is Tyler Perry bringing this ish up again so he can promote Madea’s Big Happy Oversized Ghetto Family!


I’m with MiddleMyatt on this.

I wish those two short sighted fools would see that Spike or his big mouth ain’t really the issue, and what he said – as much as Terry would like to think so for his ego’s sake – is not just some words coming out of an ol’ Jealous fart who’s plotting & scheming to get him.

I say let them dwell on their own damn confusion.


This is very interesting and all, but what could Tyler teach Spike? Tyler is the one that needs to be taught some things, and I’m glad he was finally man enough to admit it.

Yolanda Lewis

Tyler’s a class act. I wonder also if Spike will be man enough to come to him and chat instead of continuously dogging him in the press.


If Spike has any dignity, self-respect and common sense, he will steer clear and avoid these two as vigilantly and profoundly as moviegoers did with Miracle of St. Anna!


Wow, nice initiation Mo’Nique! – this would be absolutely awesome. It’s most certainly needed.


We all can learn from each other.


At least he admitted he needs to be taught some things.

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