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More From Aretha Franklin On Halle Berry’s Lack Of Interest In Playing Her…

More From Aretha Franklin On Halle Berry's Lack Of Interest In Playing Her...

Recall back in January, when Halle Berry was asked by about her participation in Aretha Franklin’s biopic film (as already documented, Ms Berry was Aretha’s first choice to play her in the film), and she responded stating, “I can’t sing! If I could carry a tune, I’d consider it. Someone should tell Aretha that I can’t do her justice.”

Much to Aretha Franklin’s chagrin, I’m sure, who, in an interview posted on USA Today’s website, had this to say about Halle’s response: “[I] never expected (Berry) to sing. It was more about her likeness, and the fact that she has (acting) experience. But I guess she wasn’t confident in her ability to lip-sync.

Ok, um… was that a diss from Aretha directed at Halle, specifically the part about her not being confident in her ability to lip-sync, or am I just startin’ somethin’ here? :)

In the same write-up, Aretha seems to suggest that she already has a director attached to the project, but she won’t name him/her… now I’m wondering who it could be.

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@Ash. Jennifer Hudson could work. She's probably a better choice than Beyonce, but Beyonce would clearly be a better choice than Halle.


In the right role, Halle Berry can be a fantastic actress. What I also admire about her is her willingness to take risks. However, in the wrong role she can be laughingly bad (remember BAPS?). I respect Aretha Franklin as an artist, but I don't understand why she thinks Halle is the one that should play her. For one, Halle is too old to play a young, slimmer Aretha and would have to gain at least fifty pounds to play an older Aretha and even if she was able to do so, I don't think it still would work. Halle turning down the part says that she has enough self-awareness to know what her limitations are. Especially if the focus was on a more mature Aretha, Queen Latifah would be a better choice or possibly Jill Scott. I don't agree that Fantastia would be a good choice. The best person is probably a virtual unknown and with a biopic on an iconic figure like Aretha, you don't need a star.


halle saying she is not fit to play the role shows that she isnt all about trying to garner those awards, she had already done a film which she played another singer, she wants to do something else.. and that is fine, i think jennifer hudson would be perfect for this role.. anyhow please do not give it to beyonce coz she cant act one bit!


I don’t really think anyone in Hollywood is fit to play her . . . look to the stage . . . Moya Angela (Dreamgirls National Tour), Frenchie Davis (idol reject . . . Rent) . . . I could go on. Whom ever plays her needs to have a certain spunk . . . Jennifer and Fantasia not bad choices . . . but still something missing for me. Truth . . . not that interested in Aretha Biopic.


dorothy’s voice was different from aretha’s.


Halle doesn’t have the acting chops to do Aretha??? I guess the Oscar she won was giving to her because she’s beautiful! SBSFJ. Team Halle all the way.


I am a huge Aretha fan, but Halle doesn’t have the acting chops to do Aretha. People need to also realize Aretha have not always been overweight either. The fact is there are tons of film biographies that person doesn’t not look exactly alike (Denzel. & Malcolm….Angela & Tina Turner ….Joaquin Phoenix & Johnny Cash). Those who don’t look like the people they are portraying must have extraordinary acting chops to make up for that deficiency.

Halle excuse was somewhat insulting. She knows very well she doesn’t have to sing, esp since when know she didn’t sing in DD movie. She could have said publicly I have several projects coming up and won’t be able to make that commitment. She has all the right not to play Aretha, but at least give a reason that made sense.

Personally I would like to see an unknown and it done as a HBO movie. As a RE RE Fan if someone were going to sing …the Young Aretha had a very high voice…due to smoking her voice became raspy in her latter years.


Halle doesn’t feel competent to play Aretha but she’s “dying” to play Angela “in yo face” Davis during her panther years. Yup, makes a lot of sense. Mousy Halle as fist-pumpin Ms. Davis for sure!


Viola Davis should do it.


@ Amilcar

Being honest about it? Lying comes as naturally as breathing to her. Recall this is the same woman who portrayed Dorothy Dandrige and lip synched all the numbers. Interesting how not being able to sing didn’t seem to be a problem then. Hmmm. Sounds like a cop out excuse to me. This is just an excuse because Berry has too much ego to publicly state that she doesn’t have the chops to embody Aretha’s personality on screen.


OK Halle don’t want to play you and Halle don’t look like you.


AMBER RILEY! This is who would be perfect!

Halle Berry did right by Aretha Franklin.
We get sooo fixated on the star or much rather the popularity of the person that we forget talent. I mean Halle doesn’t even have Aretha’s body-frame yet alone characteristics of a singer.
Amber Riley, Mrs. Franklin. Get her to play you. A younger you or something.
And no, Aretha wasn’t making a jab at Halle’s inability to lip-sync.


good for Halle for being honest about it. maybe Aretha is looking for a BIG star as opposed to someone who will do her role justice.

Dankwa Brooks

This is the thing, some unknown singer’s biography YES you would need a big star to bring attention to the project. But Aretha Franklin is already the big name attached to this project. Just find someone who want act and sing.

As an independent filmmaker I know there are SO MANY extremely talented actors out there that just need a break. I mean no really knew Angela Bassett like that before ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’.

Monday's Baby

@Sergio: I know him. And that is not at all how I pictured you (based on your posts). Ha!


fantasia all day for this role


i have no idea how jennifer hudson wasn’t considered for this role. she woul dbe perfect!


then allow me, serg:
i love ree-ree’s singing as much as anybody, but this diva jag over berry playing her is stoopid. sounds like she doesn’t know of any other blk female actors unless they’ve got an oscar on the mantle. speaking of which, why not j. hudson?: she might have to wear a fat suit, but she wouldn’t have to lip-sync. or is that too much competition for miss thing. let halle alone, ree-ree, she doesn’t look anything like you, and in the acting department, you can do better, trust me.


Halle already did Dorothy. Aretha should let someone else do it. Not MJ Blige or any singer. Someone else.


DAMN! Beat me to it. I was just about to post the same item about Aretha.

But I can’ t really blame her. It’s good to have an good ego about yourself and if she thinks that she and Halle have the same”likeness” who I am to criticize her?

I keep telling people that Justin Slayer are I are practically sepearted at birth but no one believes me

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