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Nick Cassavetes Won’t Be Directing ‘Gotti: Three Generations’

Nick Cassavetes Won't Be Directing 'Gotti: Three Generations'

Looks like Nick Cassavetes won’t be getting down and dirty with the Gotti family after all.

Variety reports that Cassavetes has “been released from his contract” to direct “Gotti: Three Generations” that has John Travolta and Joe Pesci set to star and Lindsay Lohan circling a role. Good old “scheduling conflicts” have been cited, with the director’s indie flick “Yellow” being named as the culprit. Seems a little odd though considering that film wrapped last fall — first images and synopsis hit a couple of months ago. We would presume everyone knew what the proposed start date was for ‘Gotti’ so we’re wondering what the real story is here.

Anyway, with the talent on board, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find another director and we’d guess one will be named soon. As for Cassavetes, he’s eyeing the Rick Ross biopic and he’ll next appear in a cameo spot in “The Hangover Part II” which opens on Memorial Day.

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What is this 1995 ????


Mike M and J

Why would scorsese take Cassavetes scraps?? You really think scorsese needs help finding a project. If he wants one, he’ll find one he likes, not one that is handed over too him.

AND Scorsese has a mob story he’s been working on for 3 years and it has Pacino, DeNiro and Pesci.

This Gotti flick is going to suck!

Scorsese also has wolf of wall street and hopefully sinatra bio pic.

Scorsese will NEVER do this. Maybe Someone like Brian Depalma

What a stupid post…idiot!!…you guys are dumb as rocks!

Mike M

@ J

Scorsese should definitely jump on this film. Not only has he worked with Pesci in the past, he’s also responsible for, in my opinion, the greatest mob movie ever made, Goodfellas. He is my favorite director.

The best scenario would be for Scorsese to jump on and bring in De Niro. Not sure if the budget would allow, but Lohan is unreliable and in that sense replaceable. This could potentially turn into a Goodfellas Pt 2, with respect to the cast members, that is.


I think Martin Scorsese should direct the film, he is one of the best directors of all time.


Baba Booey Baba Booey, Howard Stern’s Penis !!!!!!!!!!!

Moses Ashford

I hope Joe Pesci does more films from now on after his needless ‘retirement’. Same with Lindsay Lohan who I hope finally stops fooling around like she has been doing for the last six years.

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