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Oprah on Broadway?

Oprah on Broadway?

Oprah Winfrey may be headed to Broadway. When Chris Rock appeared on her talk show Friday, their discussion of Rock’s current Broadway show The ____________ With the Hat led to an exchange about Winfrey’s own Broadway aspirations.

The media mogul is quoted as saying, “You know, it’s the one thing I want to do.”

So what say you, readers? Now that Oprah has conquered the large and small screens, are you personally looking forward to her stage debut? What role could you see her in?

Feel free to weigh in below.

Via New York Times

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@JMAc, what u interpet as being Elementary, i deem as Hand Granade Satire, and oh,yeah, there is an DISTINCT difference between THICKNESS (Tocarra Jones) & a 32 litre bottle of Woe- Is- Me(Sherri Shepard) as for her STANISLAVSKI, it leaves something to be desired-Beloved anyone?, Jamc in urban warfare(idealogical or otherwise) one would sometimes tend to use the colloquial of both gallows humor with occassional spinklets of Humility.

Now since u her card carrying member, where’s the plyirss she tend to dismantle brothers mosttimes with? pss pss read between the lines,jmac, holla if u hear me.


@urbanauteur Calling someone names is sooo elementary school. Would you like to grow up and engage in a real conversation? And homegirl’s figure is nowhere near hippo territory and hasn’t been for years.

I’m sure whatever role she plays it’ll be the exact same character she’s been playing. Downtrodden, strong, po’ black woman struggling to survive in this white man’s world. But so what? Plenty of actors has been accused of doing the same thing. Hell, if Rosie O’Donnell can costar in a staging of Grease why shouldn’t Oprah fulfill her dream? She’s got the money and the connections. I know some of you would do the same thing if you were in her position. Maybe she can reprise her role in the Color Purple stage version – provided she doesn’t sing.


Perhaps” Okra Hippo”could portray- Madame C.J.Walker?, talk about life imatating art? stranger things done happen with Fiction.


People forget how great of an actress Oprah is. The Women of Brewster’s Place and The Color Purple are proof enough.
What role would I like to see her in? IDK – perhaps she could make her Broadway debut in one of Lynn Nottage’s plays??!?!?


I could see her in a role as ‘herself’.

Don’t get to Broadway much (or at all). Personally am neither one way or another, but good luck to her in whatever she decides to do.

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