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Oscar-Nominated ‘Restrepo’ Director Tim Hetherington Killed In Libya

Oscar-Nominated 'Restrepo' Director Tim Hetherington Killed In Libya

Tragic news today as reports are surfacing that Tim Hetherington, photographer and Oscar nominated co-director of “Restrepo,” has been killed in Libya.

Business Insider picked up on a Facebook post by fellow photographer Andre Liohn, who first revealed the sad news. Hetherington was in Libya with photographer Chris Hondros — who has also died — covering the fighting in Misrata. Yesterday, Hetherington had tweeted, “In besieged Libyan city of Misrata. Indiscriminate shelling by Qaddafi forces. No sign of NATO.”

Before he made a step into filmmaking, Hetherington made war and political conflict a regular focus of his photojournalism work. In fact, in 2006 he worked briefly for the United Nations Security Council’s Liberia Sanctions Committee. In 2007, he won the World Press competition for his harrowing photograph of an American solider covering his face after a battle in Afghanistan.

Hetherington was a brave and sympathetic voice who developed his work and stories by getting right to the front lines. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

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your comment jorge is disgusting, Tim’s work is vital in a society with a media covered in propaganda and blue tape lies. He was on the front lines documenting the atrocities faced by all sides in war unbiased and uncensored. It’s people like that delivering us information that is essential in keeping our eyes unglazed and true to such a horrific era where to define the good people from the bad in these current times is becoming more and more difficult to decipher.
Maybe you should keep your comments to yourself, or at least hold off on them until someone you know dies and you get to witness such comments on there life been said. show some respect to someone who mattered in life champ, because you are whats wrong with a society that thinks their right to free speech makes you feel like you are charged with the power of posting such a disgusting thing


Jorge, let us know when someone you care about dies so we can make a snarky comment about it.


Takes enormous balls to do what he did. Takes a rare breed. Just watch “Restrepo”. Condolences to his family and friends.


Have some respect, Jorge. Photojournalism is perhaps the most powerful form of mass media coverage of wars and atrocities… if guys like this didn’t brave the front lines, the rest of the world would be left blind and ignorant… his work is WAY more important than yours, which is probably selling cotton candy at a real amusement park… wake up, douchebag, and SHOW SOME RESPECT for a guy who just lost his life.


Heard Tim speak about his experiences filming RESTREPO. He cared deeply about the men and women he interacted with and the stories of the people of these war torn areas. While this news is tragic, it is a testament to how willing he was to offer the rest of the world a personal account of what’s going on in many of the scariest parts of the world right now. He will be missed.


I doubt he treated warzones like an amusement park, dude. Being in infinitely more warzones than you, I think he knew the appropriate way to treat them.


Jorge, come on, man–a little respect.

Jorge hdez

That’s what happens when you treat a warzone like it’s an amusement park.

Smash Tit-house

terrible news. this guy was a class act in every interview i read from him. he was a hell of a photographer and filmmaker as well.


This sucks!


Really sad news. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

eddie bauer jr

Head be held low today…but will only be sad today then starting tomorrow celebrate his life and when I think of him smile


I am saddened by these news. He was a fantastic journalist and Restrepo was an incredible documentary.

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