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Pixar Bumps Bumps ‘Monsters University,’ Moves Up ‘Reboot Ralph’

Pixar Bumps Bumps 'Monsters University,' Moves Up 'Reboot Ralph'

Oh yeah, all excited for “Monsters University” that has been riding a wave of buzz thanks to the official title and director getting announced last week? Well, get ready to wait. Disney has moved the film from a fall 2012 bow to June 21, 2013 where it will square off against…well, nobody just yet. 2013 is just a twinkle in the eye for many studios at this point. But don’t fret! Another movie has replaced “Monsters University” on the calendar to make sure you get your animation fill.

Reboot Ralph” (yeah, we barely remember this one either) will now land on November 2, 2012 where it too faces no competition. For now. This project has been knocking around for a while and was initially known under the other alliterative moniker “Joe Jump.” The story follows a video game character who has been left behind as technology moves forward. Other than that, details are pretty scarce but it sounds like a pretty promising premise (how’s that for alliteration?).

No word yet on who is directing or voicing “Reboot Ralph” but with the film about a year and a half away, we’re sure that news will be coming down pretty soon. But at the very least, we’re glad that an original piece of work and not another sequel is getting into the queue. [Box Office Mojo]

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“Reboot Ralph ” is indeed the CGI Disney animated film that follows “Tangled”. Apparently it’s directed by Rich Moore ( )

Hayden Maxwell

Except Reboot Ralph is WDFA not Pixar

Kevin Klawitter

For a second I thought this would be a feature-length movie based on the 90s CGI cartoon series “Reboot” That’s been rumored for a while and would have been badass.

Still, this is exciting news, and may shut up the people who’ve been claiming that Pixar is losing it due to three sequels in three years.

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