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Producer David Heyman Says Alfonso Cuarón’s 3D Sci-Fi Epic ‘Gravity’ Will Shoot This May

Producer David Heyman Says Alfonso Cuarón's 3D Sci-Fi Epic 'Gravity' Will Shoot This May

George Clooney & Sandra Bullock-Starrer Will Undergo 3D Conversion In Post-Production

Things had gone fairly quiet on the front of “Children Of Men” helmer Alfonso Cuarón‘s much-anticipated 3-D sci-fi epic “Gravity” since George Clooney replaced Robert Downey Jr. and joined Sandra Bullock in the cast, but it looks like producer David Heyman has now broken the silence with a refreshing update.

Heyman recently spoke with Collider and revealed that production on the long-gestating feature is due to get underway in London at, “The end of May. The whole film has been pre-vised and figured out, it’s fuckin’ awesome. I mean, unlike anything you’ve seen in space. It’s just great. He’s a privilege to work with—he’s a real visionary.”

“We’re using technology that’s never seen before,” he said. “This film will be more immersive, I believe, than anything you’ve seen before. You will really feel like you are in space. It will not be an objective view of space, it will be an immersive view of space. And you know as you say, with ‘Children of Men,’ he loves these long shots. It’s gonna be a really bold, bold film.”

The producer also adds that Cuarón won’t be shooting in 3D as presumed and the film will be converted into the format in post-production instead. “Because this film is being made almost entirely digitally, a huge amount of it’s being made digitally,” Heyman added. “3D felt like a really organic—because so much of it’s being done digitally, you can make the 3D in a post process much more easily than if you were shooting all live-action or sitting in a room.”

We’re just excited to hear that the talented Mexican filmmaker will soon be back in the game, after all, the development, casting and pre-production drama had threatened to see the pic fall by the wayside at several points along its history. Our original script review describes the story as a “streamlined thrill ride” that would see our protagonist in a “nonstop race to get back to earth” after an outer space accident puts her in danger. Previous reports have also teased a 20-minute single shot opening scene , an $80 million budget which may or may not be still the case, and — for better or worse — CGI to dominate about 60% of the film.

Clooney is currently finishing off his third directorial effort with political drama “The Ides Of March” with this scheduling likely meaning he’ll leap over to London fairly soon after he wraps. Similarly, Bullock has been shooting Stephen Daldry‘s “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” with Tom Hanks but that should be (if not already) nearing completion, while Cuarón has been on quite the hiatus in the past few years and is surely eager to get his next fllm going.

Producer Heyman also teased another project he has in the works which was recently accelerated by scoring the rights to a plum, and integral soundtrack. “I just closed the deal on some Beatles songs, and we’re gonna do an animated film, a musical animated film using Beatles songs, with a love story between a dung beetle and a lady bug.” He stopped short of revealing which songs they are, however, adding that, “you have to figure out the songs you want. But we can switch out a little bit. So we’ve just got ten songs, and it’s a bit early to say what they are, but I’m really really excited.”

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@ Luke

Sandra Bullock has been labelled a ‘box office powerhouse’ because of two of her last three films:

– The Blind Side: A terribly acted, mildly-racist, overwrought TV-movie-of-the week that found a following in the heartland.

– The Proposal: A mildly diverting studio rom-com which requires personality rather than acting ability. This is the type of thing that she’s good at.

The box-office success of these two films does not make her a ‘box-office draw’ in any film. Her success in these two films does not seem particularly transferrable to a somewhat cerebral, effects-heavy, science-fiction film.

The only women who can be said to ‘open’ a film on their own would be: Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon and perhaps Natalie Portman. However, that doesn’t mean they can open any type of film.

Reese Witherspoon (prior to How Do You Know) was seen as a ‘box-office draw’ but that doesn’t mean anyone would want to see her chin in a film like this. She is sticking to romantic comedies, romantic dramas, action comedies because those are the types of movies people would pay to see her in. After her Oscar she was cast in Gavin Hood’s Rendition but even that was a bit of a stretch.

More than ever, the box-office success of films are built on concepts, special effects, marketing and reviews. I understand that perhaps WB wanted a ‘star lead’ but when they couldn’t get Angelina Jolie (who can open this type of film), they should have gone to a decent actress, knowing that the actress they cast won’t be the difference between the film being a financial success and a financial failure.

All Sandra Bullock will do is detract from this film. I admit it. I have an irrational dislike for her. I just don’t want to see Miss Congeniality in Space.

*Hastily typed, ill-thought rant Over*


@Luke- well said!! Cuaron, Sandra & George will make this movie a powerhouse!

Theresa Standing

Most people think that Sandra Bullock is F_______G GREAT!,,,,George & Sandra will be making movies well into their Senior years & their Movies will be the Classics of Tomorrow!


@ Alex,

Bullock has box office power – she is one of few actresses that can “open” a movie of any genre that is what makes her so in demand at the moment in Hollywood.

The paying audiences like Bullock, that’s why her recent movies have been so financially successful – You cannot deny her box office power when you consider that her movies in 2009 made well over $600 million.

This is the reason why Warner Bros wanted Bullock – she is very professional, great at her work, loved by the public, respected by her fellow peers.

Watts cannot open a movie – she may be a good actress but she cannot carry a $80 million dollar movie like this.

Foster is good but after Contact, she will be repeating herself.

Theron is doing Prometheus and even she cannot open a big movie anyone remember the disaster Aeon Flux???

Blancett great actress but she cannot carry a movie alone like Bullock can. She has always needed other stars (Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt) or a franchise i.e LOTR, Crystal Skull.

It seems you are part of a minority and that is your loss as the rest of us will enjoy an amazing Cuaron sci-fi thrill ride and enjoy even love Bullock in the role.


I cant wait to see this movie and also see George and Sandra working together. Love them.


Sandra Bullock is fucking terrible.

Julianne Moore would be so much better. People aren’t going to see this movie just because Sandra Bullock is in it – they may as well cast it well.

Other suggestions: Naomi Watts, Jodi Foster (this reminds me of Contact), Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron.

Children of Men is my favourite movie ever and Sandra Bullock’s presence in Cuaron’s followup movie (ignoring the abominable Shock Doctrine) upsets me greatly.


I think Ides of March already wrapped filming and is in post production.


Shoot it in 3D or don’t bother at all. Enough with the post-conversions. Although The Green Hornet had a respectable post-converted job(though I suspect its two or three 3D money shots were shot on 3D, not converted.)


Producer’s name is David Heyman, not Mark Heyman.

John Constantine

(Clooney is currently finishing off his third directorial effort with political drama “The Ides Of March”)

Fourth directorial effort. “Confessions… “, “Good Night and Good Luck”, “Leatherheads” and then this.

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