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Rumor Patrol: ‘Prometheus’ & ‘Superman’ Spoiled?

Rumor Patrol: ‘Prometheus’ & ‘Superman’ Spoiled?

Movie websites become desperate for page views. As a result, rumors take flight and somehow get upgraded briefly to “truth” before the filmmakers can sort out the misinformation. Lately, however, a spate of big releases have been playing a lengthy game of chicken with film websites, the suggestion being that false information was being leaked in order to throw publicity hounds off these movies’ tracks.

Such is the case with “Prometheus,” Ridley Scott‘s new film. The sci-fi offering, currently shooting in London, was “conceived” as a prequel to “Alien.” Though hearing Scott discuss the matter, suddenly the rumor was that Fox was allowing Scott to make a $200 million movie without any ties to the “Alien” universe. Others suggested that this was the early days of the xenomorph beasts we saw in “Alien,” built into a conventional science fiction story. But who claims to have the full story? Why, could it be the consistently-wrong, will-print-anything folks at MarketSaw?

The site claims to have an inside-inside bird feeding them email information about the plot. And judging by what they believe, the film will register as a genuine standalone story until the final act when “the movie switches gears and shifts into Aliens territory. Pinewood houses an exact replica of the H.R. Giger Space Jockey command post. You may notice in the original Alien that the Space Jockey had a puncture on its considerably large chest, where the xenomorph broke out through the flesh of the creature and broke through the biomechanical armor it wears.

“You may also notice how big the Space Jockey is in relation to its human counter parts in the film. So imagine how big the baby must be, which is yet to grow. Then imagine quite a few of these. If you can do that, you got a pretty good grasp on the final act. And do not be expecting the traditional look either, these are very different creatures that will keep the general architecture of the xenomorph, but will have a considerably different look, and do very perverse things.” Hopefully that doesn’t involve “voting Republican.”

The spy also refers to the current “Prometheus” script as being similar to “2001: A Space Odyssey,” as it will pushthe boundaries of what a modern tent pole science fiction movie could be,” though they wouldn’t go into further details, only to hint that there may be more sex than people are expecting.

On a similar note, the movie site MovieNewz supposedly found out the plot details behind Zack Snyder‘s “Superman,” which they claim will be another origin story with Metallo serving as the villain. The plot revolves around Lois Lane’s father building the experimental cyborg with Kryptonite to defeat Superman. While Metallo is one of only about four semi-interesting Superman villains, we doubt the validity of a report that pretty much describes the plot of the early aughts’ “Hulk.”

So is all this just random BS or are there kernels of truth here and there? Guess we’ll have to wait and see next year when “Prometheus” hits theaters on June 8th, while “Superman” aims for a December bow.

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Its Luthor isn’t it?

And Miss Tessmacher? Lindsay Lohan? If this is the case, I quit

evil rep

yes, voting republican how vary…perverse


Furthermore, please define “rumor patrol.” Why would I think that a post titled as such contains explicit spoilers?


That you deleted my comment means I was correct.

The Playlist

maybe we should just respond with this each time (to everything across the board)

Well, ‘aight, check this out, dawg. First of all, you throwin’ too many big words at me, and because I don’t understand them, I’m gonna take ’em as disrespect. Watch your mouth and help me with the sale.


Fair enough. But the likely offensive part of my comment was itself a quote from the comment thread of one of your own writers, directed specifically at me. It still burns me a little, as it was the first time I had stumbled across your site and had merely asked a question.

This thread – with someone questioning the spoiler policy in your articles – and then getting a slew of condescending replies from a variety of site writers, seemed an appropriate place to point it out.

But you’re right. This is your house. I’ll play by your rules or go home (which I’m doing now.)

The Playlist

dear guy who just posted and comment i just deleted.
It’s like this, if you shit on our doorstep, we might just clean it up. Try and be civil. We’ll be civil back.

Edward Davis

Sorry you can’t read the headlines you actually clicked on, but you know, feel free to put it on us if it makes you feel better. :(

But it’s right there front and center, guy.

Kevin Jagernauth

If the headline didn’t tip you off there might be spoilers within then you need to retire from the internet. #abnerfail


Most reputable sites will put a spoiler alert next to the actual spoiler so a reader can get the bulk of the content in the piece and skip the actual spoilers if they so desire. It helps the reader experience but you guys and gals are more concerned with driving site traffic and ad clicks. Lazy.

Edward Davis

Sloppy brain work from Abner… again. Sigh…


Not in the least.

Kevin Jagernauth

Was the headline not obvious enough for you Abner?


You seem to have command of bolding text so why not bold some text that reads “Spoiler Alerts?” Oh wait, maybe the editors will do that AFTER the piece is published. Sloppy work yet again from Playlist.


The Prometheus stuff sounds legit, the Superman stuff sounds like BS.


Are you serious? You call out sites for posting fake rumors and then… REPOST THE FAKE RUMORS yourself?

Look, you can’t have it both ways. If you are “above” posting fake rumors for page views, as you insinuate, then don’t post fake rumors for page views. Which is what this post is – and worse, your calling out other websites for posting something “false” for pageviews, and then doing the exact same thing (with their content!) has got to be the most hypocritical thing ever.

I mean, go ahead and post all the rumors you want, get all the pageviews you can, no problem with that at all, but don’t act like your above another website and then do the exact the same thing as that website, that’s insane.

and lastly…..Hugo Strange!


Hasn’t General Zod already been confirmed as the villain?

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