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RZA Joining Cast Of “Californication” In Major Recurring Role As Dangerous Hip-Hop Mogul

RZA Joining Cast Of "Californication" In Major Recurring Role As Dangerous Hip-Hop Mogul

Any Californication fans out there? I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never watched a single episode of the series. I couldn’t even tell you what it’s about. I know it airs on the Showtime Network and stars X-Files alum, David Duchovny.

Thanks to the series’ website, I learned further that Duchovny plays a character named Hank, a “famed novelist and New York City transplant… relocated to LA after his acclaimed book was optioned, only to see it turned into a crappy romantic comedy. Since then he’s struggled to get his career and relationship with on-again/off-again girlfriend Karen back on track, while trying to raise his rebellious teenage daughter Becca. But he never stops owning his vices – drink, drugs and women – with a refreshing sense of honesty and unapologetic candor. He’s holding it together while falling apart, and he doesn’t mind it one bit.

I see… now I got it! Doesn’t mean I’ll be rushing to tune in though; although, maybe this news might, MIGHT encourage me to take a quick look at an episode.

TVLine is reporting that the RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan (aka Robert Fitzgerald Diggs), actor, and now director (The Man With The Iron Fist is coming) will be joining the cast of the series during its upcoming 5th season “in a major recurring role.”

Sounds… major.

RZA will play a character called Apocalypse! Yes, Apocalypse, described as “a slightly dangerous hip-hop mogul who Hank (David Duchovny) considers writing a movie for.

Sounds… slightly dangerous.

Season five is scheduled to begin filming this month, if it hasn’t already.

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I’m mad when I searched for NEWS, this is what I got…First of all, Californication is a really good show. I’ve never heard of this blog until I used the search engine to confirm that RZA was added to the cast. Good to know you’re so professional/objective in getting news out (SMH). Michael Ealy is good on the show, but overall it’s just a cool show with good writing. Also Meagan Good has also been cast as a recurring role/possible love triangle btw Hank & RZA….

Michael A. Gonzales

Maybe they’ll call him Apocalypse Knight and say he’s Suge’s little brother. But, on the real, I agree with Duncan.


Zoe Kravitz and Michael Ealy popped up on the show this past season, It has never been a show where i end up watching a full season of.

Duncan Manutz

Wow…this is all we get? , this is the best we have to look forward to ? RZA…..How hard is it to get a Black Actor ?

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