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Soundtrack Details Revealed For Alexandre Desplat’s Score For ‘The Tree Of Life’

Soundtrack Details Revealed For Alexandre Desplat's Score For 'The Tree Of Life'

So we’re a few weeks away from when the world will get their taste of Terrence Malick‘s highly anticipated “The Tree Of Life.” Nearly every scrap of information has been pored over in the run up to the film, and while the film boasts huge talents behind the camera on the screen, composer Alexandre Desplat has been a bit left behind thus far.

The composer has been talking pretty freely about his work on the film as far back as 2009 and late last year said that the soundtrack will use musical cues from 19th century romantic composer Hector Berlioz and modern composer György Ligeti and described his over all work as “orchestral, meditative and trance-like.” Well, we’ll have to wait until the film to hear it all, but the tracklist has dropped for the soundtrack and we’ll leave it others to try and decipher meaning out of minimal song titles. Oh yeah, that song from the trailer? Not actually Desplat. It’s “Funeral March” by Patrick Cassidy and you can hear it in full here.

The soundtrack will hit stores on May 24th before “The Tree Of Life” opens in limited release on May 27th. Check out the full tracklisting below. [Lakeshore Records via Film Music Reporter]

“The Tree Of Life” Soundtrack Tracklisting

1. Childhood
2. Circles
3. Clouds
4. River
5. Awakening
6. Emergence of Life
7. Light & Darkness
8. Good & Evil
9. Motherhood
10. City of Glass
11. Fatherhood
12. Temptation
13. Skies

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If you Google Ziegfield and click on the first link, the site’s coming soon section lists The Tree of Life as opening there on May 27.


I like Alexander’s scores but suspect Malick will use a lot of obscure and existing music to fill out the picture. Lets hope Alexander doesn’t react like James Horner did after the New World after it happens !

No word yet on who will compose Malicks untitled Oklohoma movie ?


does anyone know if Tree of Life will open @ the ziegfeld in NYC?


It’s like The Last of the Mohicans mixed with The Thin Red Line.


The song from the trailer is EPIC..thanks for the link. Like the musical cue from the Inception trailer…it’s too bad it won’t be incorporated into the film.

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