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Tell Me This Clip Of 50 Cent In “Blood Out” Doesn’t Get You Excited For The Film’s Release…

Tell Me This Clip Of 50 Cent In "Blood Out" Doesn't Get You Excited For The Film's Release...

Ahh… sarcasm :)

A scene from another 50 Cent straight-to-dvd title, Blood Out, co-starring Luke Goss.

Lionsgate will be releasing the film on DVD and Blu-ray, on April 26th, next week Tuesday.

What’s it about? Goss stars as good cop Michael Savion (who also happens to be a martial arts master), who is visited by his estranged, gang-banging younger brother David. David seeks Michael’s help in escaping the gang world; Michael reluctantly agrees, but when David is brutally murdered by his own gang, Michael is stonewalled by Detective Hardwick (50 Cent), who dismisses the crime as gang-on-gang violence, forcing Michael to infiltrate the gang and seek justice for his dead brother.

Intrigued? No? Well, maybe the below clip will change your mind… or maybe not :)

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Dammit! I just wasted 35 seconds of my life. 30 sec for the advertisement and 5 sec for the non acting 50 cent video.


Sorry, I think I got that comment wrong, but there is no delete button apparently, I’m tired. It should have of read, one more person not seeing the film.


The Scion advertisement before this was more interesting than this clip. Sorry Fiddy, one less person not seeing this film.

Duncan Manutz

I’ll Pass …..or Die Tryin’

Duncan Manutz

I’ll Pass


I’m gonna ignore the 180 rule….

Or die tryin’

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