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“The Hangover Part II” Gets a Full Trailer

"The Hangover Part II" Gets a Full Trailer

So far “The Hangover” sequel is looking like a total rehash the first but in a wilder, bigger-budget style setting. Probably good for a dozen laughs, but as someone lukewarm on the original, I’m not feeling it… Studio wise, it looks like this summer has very little options for which I’m particularly in to… “Bridesmaids,” “Super 8,” “Crazy Stupid Love,” and maybe “Bad Teacher” and “Cowboys & Aliens” (sure, “Thor,” “The Green Lantern” and “Captain America” all look like drooling-over-abs fests, but I’ve never been much of a superhero type). After that, I have zero to mild interest in everything else. Not even Pixar is doing it for me this summer.

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