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Things are Not Going Exactly as Planned at OWN

Things are Not Going Exactly as Planned at OWN

The CEO for Discovery Communications, David Zaslav, admitted this morning that the ratings for the Oprah Winfrey Network have been, to date, “below our expectations” and that Discovery will be forced to send more money than the initial $215 million it has already invested in OWN.

Zaslav further added that, regarding OWN: “It has been a slower start. It’s going to take us a while, and we’re committed to it.” He did not elaborate on how much more money he plans to invest into OWN saying that that would depend on the network’s ratings

Hey, Oprah, for sure, can kick in a couple of bucks can’t she????

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I can’t say I’m surprised. We don’t get OWN as a regular channel, but we do get a portion of the programming On Demand… little of it seems worth watching. I’d rather sit through reruns of crappy shows like Say Yes to the Dress than watch a reality show about the Judds. I was excited about Oprah picking up a couple of the documentaries at the festivals, but that’s about it. Picking up the Soaps might have been a good move, but only if there was a commitment to revamping the shows with fresh writing and more diverse casts, which given OWN’s current lineup doesn’t seem likely.


The haterade smells awful.


this success game – is not a sure thing – allllllll the time ….it’s not forever and ever….but to echo Synthia’s comment: I think moving the soaps to OWN would have been a smart move [people do watch soap STILL] and why not throw in some black indies.
Go figure.


Yeah, Oprah could do better w/ OWN.

I like that Master Class series, but that’s about it.

And I’m mad she had Donald Trump & his progeny on her show. She told the world to vote for Barack then has the racist who so vehemently opposes him ON HER SHOW?

I’m confused.

The alliance w/ her former competitor Rosie isn’t that bizarre–they both lesbians, it’s all in the family ;)


I’m not surprised. Oprah, who used to be so in sync with the American culture and could even shape it, has been horribly out of touch for at least a couple of years.

If she thinks reality shows about the Judds and Shania Twain are must see TV for the OWN channel, I don’t really know what to say — except that I won’t be watching.

Plus, she spent the beginning of her TV talk show this year, having unnecessary reunions with groups like the cast of “The Sound of Music.”

What is wrong with this lady? How is this in demand?

She suggested no one would watch the soaps if she moved them to OWN And the the next day she shows “Lassie Comes home.” Raise your hand if you watched that.

She could have bought several black indie films to show on her network, but she instead went to film festivals to buy Chaz Bono’s transgender documentary and some other related stuff (thanks to her “curator” Rosie O’Donnell — another bizarre alliance).

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