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Todd Phillips Compares The Hangover Parts I & II To The Godfather. Seriously.

Todd Phillips Compares The Hangover Parts I & II To The Godfather. Seriously.

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Todd Phillips is confident that The Hangover Part II can live up to its predecessor. So much so that he has the nerve to compare his man-boy films to The Godfather. The writer-director tells MTV:

“I think there are very few sequels that have been made that live up to or exceed their first film. The Godfather is the first one…We had always planned on calling it The Hangover 2 and when we finished the script, I changed the cover page and wrote The Hangover Part II, because I think the film lives up to or exceeds the first one. It was very much a nod to The Godfather.”

Phillips also talks about the film’s star monkey – the one that Zach Galifianakis refers to in the trailer– “When a monkey nibbles on a weenus, it’s funny in any language” — and yes, confirms Phillips to MTV, Part III is a possibility. “I know it sounds absurd, but…It’s actually fun. We just spend the whole day laughing and trying to make a movie.”

He doesn’t seem to be joking. Is he? The Hangover Part II opens May 26. Trailer is below:

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Well, technically, he could be correct. My father’s home movies were better than THE HANGOVER.


I know it sounds far-fetched but Craig Mazin co-wrote the script who’s one of the most talented writers in teh biz (he also wrote Superhero Movie). I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes down in history as the Godfather II of comedies.

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