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Tracy, “Please Baby Please” Camilla Johns, Where Are You?

Tracy, "Please Baby Please" Camilla Johns, Where Are You?

I was just thinking the other day… whatever happened to Tracy Camilla Johns? Yeah, you’re thinking to yourself, What did ever happen to her? The lead in She’s Gotta Have It? The film that made Spike Lee…well…Spike. The film that started it all for good…and bad.

And since it’s been forever since we’ve least seen her in anything, I suppose it’s safe to assume that she’s not acting anymore and has given it up for other pursuits. So what has she been up to? And since this year will be the 25th anniversary of the original release of She’s Gotta Have It (time sure flies doesn’t it?) how does she feel about the film today and being a major part of it? If anyone knows or if Tracy herself is reading this herself, then let us know.

Think about about it… If if wasn’t for that film and Spike, there wouldn’t be a…say…Tyler Perry. Which, by the way, reminds me that he really needs to stop crying that Spike doesn’t like him. So what? If he had made Malcolm X or Do the Right Thing then I could see him being all upset. But Madea’s Big Happy Family? C’mon! Stop your crying and be a man for once for Christ’s sake.

Sorry Tracy I had to get that off my chest.

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witty caliph

I just set my eyes on that movie called she’s gotta ve it, god bless Tracy and spike, plz if Tracy got a daughter tell her to give me one to marry cos I know sh must be gotten old, i love tracy


According to The Root, Johns is a born again Christian, published author and an executive over at BET. She is about 50ish years old now. Loved her.


To those spreading rumors about Tracy being dead… U R DEAD WRONG… I see and talk with her daily!!! She is a very sweet and lovable person and for you to day that is just despicable!!! Check your facts next time before spreading such terrible rumors about a person!!


i mostly remember Johns for her dance roll in Newjack City, man!!! BTW..too bad Sergio, you had to stoop to a low point and add your two cents in to belittle Tyler Perry about Spike and Perry's artistic beef. man.. wasn't that one of Spike's view points; to stop black on black hate. just had to get that off my chest….


I hate to say this but…I seem to recall a good friend of mine who knew her said that she committed suicide…she was discouraged that her acting career didn't take off the way she thought it would.


good thing she escaped the madness when she did.

Mick Whitehouse

I watched New Jack City for the 1st time in yrs last night and had forgotten how beautiful Tracy was!!!


She was good in the films. don’t know why they are saying she was born in 1963 or later. I sat behind her in Junior High, yep back when she wore braces,glasses and had auburn hair that she wore curly and natural. so she’s older than they are saying. gurlie should be 50 by now.


Always thought Tracy and Tony Braxton look a like.


Maybe Spike should keep his trap shut! Just because Tyler is not making films that Spike agrees with, it doesn’t give him the right to disrepect the man. Most of Tyler’s movies are based on his plays, no one seemed to have a problem with those until whiteywood came into the picture. Blow it up Tyler!! Do your thing.


New Jack City was the last film I saw her in, I think she deserved to be a star, but oh well.


I remember her dance in New Jack City

james Madison

I remember first seeing her in “Ceremonies Of Dark Men”. (A Negro Ensemble Production) Every guy in the audience was spellbound.

Beautiful lady.

julius Hollingsworth

According to Spike she is now A Born Again Christian


Good post Sergio. Y’know, i have a big ol’ (like 45’x67!) French version of the She’s Gotta Have It poster in my livingroom and the first question people ask is – whatever happend to Johns? I have family in Laurel – sounds like time for an investigation!

Julius Hollingsworth

I saw Spike @ a event @Hueman Bookstore and he said Tracy Cammila Johns
is now a born again Christian.


Interesting how the Universe works, I was just think of her the other day. No, she hasn’t made any other major movies. Bit parts in two other films but no lead.


She was teaching school in Laurel Maryland (DC Suburb) several years ago. I recall that it was a Montessori program, and she was quite good at it from what I have heard.

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