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Trailer For “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” Arrives!

Trailer For "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Arrives!

Took long enough… I doubt this needs much of an intro… any robo-minstrelsy in this one? I dunno… I really haven’t been following it closely enough. Not much interest. But maybe you’re already preordering your July 1, opening weekend tickets.

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“Racist undertones” LMAO…. PLS…..You can say what you want…the movie was not in any way what you think of it….Just do what you say and don’t watch the new one….sounds like you don’t know and don’t like the Transformers anyway…..This is coming from someone who isn’t a Bay fan….but a Transformer fan…


Undertones, Laura? It was overtones, for sure.


I honestly think Michael Bay patterns his filmmaking after Dr. 90210, the plastic surgeon dude. Women come to him & say “I want to go up a cup size, to a B or C”. He says “Oh no, you could go to DD, you’ll look great!” and then the women look disfigured and ridiculous but they “feel” beautiful cuz he said so.

Michael Bay don’t get me with that shit cuz I ain’t got boobs LOL


After the racist undertones of Transformers 2 I think I’ll pass.


I avoided Transformers 2 for years because of how many negative things I heard of it. When I did watch it, I hated quite a lot of it.

STILL, I have to give Michael Bay his proper respect. When it comes to making ridiculous spectacles and blowing shit up, he is tops. He’s going to make many truckloads of cash on it, and have people eating up this film. It may turn out to be trash, but I can’t hate the trailer.

Look for my review in 3-4 years.


Transformers 2 was offensive on so many fronts and badly edited in spots with typical Michael Bay direction. Josh and Tyrese’s characters were pretty useless…pretty but useless. (see what I did there?)

The saving graces were the awesome and amazing action sequences, the special affects and the sound/sound editing. The story in the second was a little too much (and too long). Hopefully this one will be better? I hope so. I do love the franchise. Was a fan as a kid.

And speaking of “kids”, hopefully this one will be a little more “kid-friendly”… I mean, was Bay “trying” to push for an R-rating with T2? Thanks for the trailer. *sharing on Facebook now* ;)

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