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Tyler Perry Comedy Show In The Works Based On The Film “Why Did I Get Married?”

Tyler Perry Comedy Show In The Works Based On The Film "Why Did I Get Married?"

Despite not living up to box-office expectations this weekend, Tyler Perry keeps on truckin’! On his recent appearance to promote Madea’s Big Happy Family on the Conan show with Conan O’brien, he announced his latest tv project in the works titled For Better or Worse. It’s based on his blockbuster film Why Did I Get Married? and is currently shooting now.

No further details were given except it will be based on couples from that movie. If you recall, the film featured Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Sharon Leal and Tasha Smith playing characters all in stages of unrest in their marriages.

This will add to Perry’s growing television empire which includes House of Payne and Meet the Browns. I guess it’s only a matter of time before he gets his own network!

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Adam Scott Thompson

Another gem from the Prime Minister of Coonistan. Anyone who likes Tyler Perry (and all his works) is guilty of aiding and abetting a coon — in this case, Citizen Coon — period.

There’s a war coming, and Negroes and niggas will have to choose their side of the line. People won’t be able to get by with that “Well, I guess I can’t hate since he’s making money” sideline bullshit. We have bigga nigga syndrome — any nigga bigger than us, we just have to crown him.

Not me. Non serviam. We treat Spike like shit, but at least he tries. Some of you are content to let King Coon pick your pockets. And you wonder why we’re still not taken seriously by non-blacks (and I don’t just mean “The Man” who many of you erroneously proclaim Emmit has stuck it to).


I can’t stand him, I really can’t..but I don’t think people need to apologize if they do…


I do believe several layers are covered, every time Tyler Perry is discussed.


Poor Carey, I feel your pain. Maybe in the future they can add those nice enhancements that made the original S & A lively. With this new setup, I don’t even remember which articles I did comment on and how to jump back in… if I need to jump back in. It ain’t the same but I’ll keep dropping in for the sake of support.

Now as for Tyler… Is there nothing is going on in black hollywood than Mr. TP? Seems like there’s an article a day on the guy. There’s gotta be something more interesting than rehashing the same old attacks and defenses.


keep putting us to work in front of and behind the cameras.

Sorry but there are PLENTY of US doing that already.

There are plenty of us writing for shows, directing movies and working behind the scenes.

We don’t hear about them as much as we hear about Tyler Perry.

That is what is wrong with our black media we act like we can’t do anything without Tyler Perry leading the way.

Folks would have a hatred for Tyler if they heard or at least knew about the others that are doing just well as Tyler is.

Now what are someof them not doing black films? Well if the message you get is folks will FLOCK to Tyler Perry films and ignore I WIll Follow, Jumping the Broom and other nonTyler movies-why would you bother?

He can pump out bad show after bad show but sooner or later he has to start showing he is more than Madea or start funding other folks projects to help branch out.

The Black Hick From Iowa

Jessie B Simple: Well, here we are, Shadow And Act, . but where have all the children gone? I thought you told me there would be a host of black faces and sprited conversation?

CareyCarey: Yeah man, I don’t know what’s happening? I mean, I think I do but I don’t want to step on anybodies toes.

Mr Simple: Excuse me, you got me way out here in the suburbs looking around and looking stupid but you don’t want to step on toes? You’re killing me. I mean, what’s with the white dude with the diaper on? Why do I have to look at his naked ass?

CareyCarey: Slow down man. Look, I’m just as surprised as you and I think I know what’s wrong. See, I think the house has lost that loving feeling.

Mr. Simple: You got that right. If Tyler Perry is in town and brothas and sistas ain’t up in here doing what they do, something just ain’t right. I don’t go to the club to listen to music, I go to the club because other folks are there. You know, I can listen to music at home and the liquor is much cheaper. And, I don’t have to see some white dude with advertisements all over his ass.

CareyCarey: Come on Simple, S & A gotta make some money, so don’t hate the playah.

Mr. Simple: Okay, but my brotha, is the party down stairs?

CareyCarey: Now what are you talking about?

Simple: Stop playin’, where are the running conversations you told me about? I thought you said there was always something shakin’ over here? We’re just lost in space with nowhere to go.

CareyCarey: Damn man, you got me, I’m lost for words. When they were down on the block, they had a list of past post that drew the most attention and so quite naturally everybody wanted to see what was going on over there. You could pick your poison from days gone by and then, if the water was still rippling you could jump right in. And 9 out of ten time, somebody would see your splash and dive in and say hello. Oh yeah, it was on. Heck, not to mention the other calling card they had on the left side of their posts.

Mr. Simple: Now we’re talkin’, tell me they had black pin-up girls.

CareyCarey: No, not exactly, but you’re close. They had a little spot on the left side, I’ll call it “who’s in town” that allowed you to see who was talking about what. You know, say for instance you liked ol’girl’s comments, you know, it could be any number of ol’girls, but when you saw her post a comment, you might want to drop in to see what she’s putting down. And then, of course, others would join in.

Mr. Simple: Yeah, I can see that. Just like at the club. The floor is slow but when so-and-so, or such-n-such jumps on the floor, the floor starts poppin.

CareyCarey: Bingo!

Simple: So why are we stuck down here like two fools with nowhere to go? What’s really going on?

CareyCarey: Good question, and I wish I knew the answer. I mean, I don’t know who’s in town, so I don’t know what they’re talking about, nor where they’re at. S & A posts so many articles, there could be a sprited conversation brewing, but how in the world would I know where to look? Besides, I don’t believe the average Internet type person wants to work that hard.


As long as there’s no Madea & no laugh track, I think I’ll tune in. The first WDIGM was a great film….not too enthused about the second one. So hopefully he’ll use the first as his module.
**I’ve made a mental note that I will not speak another ill-word towards Tyler Perry and all that he does. Or at least I’ll lighten my criticism. Because face it — no matter how much we may dislike what he does, he has the necessary pull to continue his empire of films & shows**


Yes Tyler! Keep making that money and make sure you keep paying your BLACK writers what they are worth and give them benefits since the WGA had to FORCE you to do so two years ago!

For black folks, my ass!

Oh and Spike should have kissed your ass too instead of having the gall to DARE criticize your minstrel shows.

Give me a fuckin break!


I try not to hate him…


Tyler keep doing your thing baby! Forget the haters and keep putting us to work in front of and behind the cameras. Make that money!




A comedy? A drama? A *gulp* dramedy?

I found the first flick to be insufferable in parts…but that’s over-dramatization in the directing and acting.

Good luck to him.


Another cookie cutter minstrel show by the fat headed cry baby.

No thanks. Next…

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