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Tyler Perry: “Spike Lee Can Go Straight to Hell! You Can Print That” (UPDATE: Audio)

Tyler Perry: "Spike Lee Can Go Straight to Hell! You Can Print That” (UPDATE: Audio)

UPDATE: Lee Bailey at EURWeb was also present for the below press conference, with his tape recorder in tow, thankfully; so you can actually hear it all instead of just reading the words:

Box Office Magazine reports that in a recent interview, Tyler Perry, who has commented on the subject a few times before, was prompted to share a few more words about Spike Lee and his “coonery” comments. And he wants us to know, it’s not off the record:

“I’m so sick of hearing about damn Spike Lee,” Perry said during a press conference Tuesday in Beverly Hills, Calif. “Spike can go straight to hell! You can print that. I am sick of him talking about me, I am sick of him saying, ‘this is a coon, this is a buffoon.’ I am sick of him talking about black people going to see movies. This is what he said: ‘you vote by what you see,’ as if black people don’t know what they want to see.”

And Perry is not just sticking up for himself, but for others in the business that, according to Perry, has gotten unfair admonishment from Lee:

I am sick of him – he talked about Whoopi, he talked about Oprah, he talked about me, he talked about Clint Eastwood. Spike needs to shut the hell up!

He goes on to express his disappointment in the black-on-black criticism:

“I’ve never seen Jewish people attack Seinfeld and say ‘this is a stereotype,’ I’ve never seen Italian people attack The Sopranos, I’ve never seen Jewish people complaining about Mrs. Doubtfire or Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie. I never saw it. It’s always black people, and this is something that I cannot undo. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois went through the exact same thing; Langston Hughes said that Zora Neale Hurston, the woman who wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God, was a new version of the ‘darkie’ because she spoke in a southern dialect and a Southern tone. And I’m sick of it from us; we don’t have to worry about anybody else trying to destroy us and take shots because we do it to ourselves.”

Read the entire interview here.

So we’ve talked about Tyler Perry Vs. Spike Lee feud a couple times before, but in light of these recent comments from Perry; does he have a point? Should black filmmakers refrain from criticizing other black filmmakers? Is Spike Lee right to make his criticisms of Perry public in order to distance himself from what he feels are negative portrayals of black people? Or is it okay for a filmmaker to criticize another filmmaker publicly, as long as one doesn’t implicate the filmmaker’s race or culture? Weigh in.

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*RUNT* instead of RUN

and yes I’m a Black lady and I don’t do church so do not stereotype me as your run of the mill wig wearing church goer.

The Family That Preys was 100x better than Crooklyn!


Spike is JEALOUS.

And a rude little run. Friend used to run an eyeglass shop at the San Francisco airport. Whole shop was excited to see the great Spike Lee. Politely complimented the man, etc. Nicely asked for a photo.

Little b!tch was rude and snottily said: I won’t pose and I never pose for photos.

SAY WHA? Even Oprah poses for pics with fans.

Spike is AZZHOLE.

Dankwa Brooks

I have to say that ALL FILMMAKERS have hits and misses. Martin Scorcese and Steven Spielberg are two of my favorite filmmakers as well as being highly acclaimed and both have done some real CRAP.

Tieuel Legacy! Motion


This almost sounds like slavery.

“This is the same dude who refused to pay his BLACK writers what they were worth and to give them benefits.”

What were the writers worth? As I read, those writers signed on the dotted line to be a part of his company. Are you saying that they were all in the Writer’s Guild and he refused to pay them? In that case, they would’ve been shut down years ago. Could it have been that the writers saw what others in the guild were making and then those 4 jumped ship? Why didn’t the others realize it? That would also mean that the directors weren’t being paid correctly with the DGA and the actors weren’t paid by SAG rules. Why would he pick on the writers only? Just a thought.

That’s nothing new. I saw the same thing happen with basketball players that were trying to get the head coach fired in college. If the suits want you out, they’ll try their best to do it through coworkers and other supporters.

Tieuel Legacy! Motion

Tieuel Legacy! Motion

First, I’ll say that I love the work of both and I suggested that they meet at the ABFF in Miami for a roundtable discussion. When I mentioned that, I was pointed to this thread.


Let’s think about this. Who on earth would make it a point to criticize their films especially when you’re making so much money off of it? Michael Bay did it with Transformers 2 but it was very calculated in how he did it. Plus it had already made over 100 million dollars so he has the audience in his pocket already.

If a filmmaker on the high distro level that they are on criticizes their work, then they stand to alienate the people that enjoyed parts of the movie that they don’t see fault with. If you’re talking about boom mics in the frame and the camera lens going soft, those are techical issues that I’ve heard about but I haven’t seen for myself. If you’re talking about character and story structure then there’s no need for him to really criticize unless he compares the earnings of one of his own movies to another.

@other critics

Most of the people that are criticizing Tyler Perry have never seen The Family That Preys or For Colored Girls. Most of them may not have seen Why Did I Get Married 1 or 2 either. Instead they judge him on Madea. That’s cool. If you ( I mean anyone, not just you) judge on Madea then be clear about that. There’s no point in saying that ALL of his movies are terrible or lack story.

Spike Lee goes through scrutiny as well for various reasons. People that like Do The Right Thing or X were upset that he did Girl 6. Instead of seeing Miracle at St. Anna, our people stayed at home because they like the “old Spike” movies. When Spielberg or Lucas create films, people go regardless of whether they agree with the film or not. They ALWAYS have supporters. Thus those filmmakers can sit back and produce other films by other people. They don’t have to scrape up money to create.

You’re probably not gonna like EVERY film just like people didn’t follow all of Michael Jackson’s music, all of Prince, or all of Stevie. If we’re gonna judge the work, let’s do it right. We can’t criticize him for always wearing a dress, for only putting bad men in movie, or for not caring about the audience. Adn if we do criticize him for Madea, why not criticize Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams just to name a few.

Who knows exactly how many times Spike has mentioned his distaste for movies that Tyler and others have done. I can find at least 3 off the top of my head. The reasons why it was done is also questionable.

Tieuel Legacy! Motion

Dankwa Brooks

FIRST of all I’m tired of the media calling this a “feud”. Spike said over year ago that there was no feud and since Mr. Perry’s remarks has said nothing. The media loves to stir sh*t up and this is another prime example. Mr. Lee said what he thought more than a year ago and that was it. Why is the media poking with sharp sticks? I think I answered that in my last sentence…

To JMac
I think it is NEVER good to publically scrutinize your own work. It doesn’t make good business sense.

In an October 2010 press conference with the cast of ‘For Colored Girls’, Perry credited his full body of work for being able to make the film, stating, “It took everything – Madea, House of Payne and all of that for me to be able to do For Colored Girls. Had none of that happened I wouldn’t have been able to say, “Listen, this is what I want to do next,” so I’m very proud of it all.” (

I think that is an admirable statement. To add, Manohla Dargis of the ‘New York Times’ published this November 4, 2010 in the review for ‘For Colored Girls’. “As it turns out, Mr. Perry, while busily establishing his economic independence, has been finding his voice as a filmmaker. And here, working with fine performers like Ms. Elise, Anika Noni Rose, Phylicia Rashad and Kerry Washington, he sings the song the way he likes it — with force, feeling and tremendous sincerity.” I agree with that as well.
What does Oprah say Mya Angelou told her “When you know better, you do better.”


I totally agree with TYLER PERRY. Spike Lee really shouldn’t be saying not a SINGLE SOLITARY WORD. GIRL 6, SHE HATE ME….Spike, you made some good movies but everyone you had was not a winner. Also, what are you doing for the next BLACK FILMMAKERS. You have a SCHOLARSHIP for someone wanting to go to NYU, You have a job at 40 ACRES…You go to your site, you can’t find it. So SHUT UP and let BLACK FILMMAKERS do their work. You do your work and MARKET it right and get people out there. I AM SICK AND TIRED of people thinking their are NOT ALTERNATIVES- I WILL FOLLOW ( check), MISSISSIPPI DAMNED ( check)…they are they. They are not HIDING. SO stop hating!


And the alternatives are seen by how many people? They barely get play because Hollyweird wants cheap, trash, derivative movies like TP that they believe brings in more money– and sadly they do.

And am I mistaken that Spike hasn’t said a damn thing about Perry for quite some time? Tyler’s probably just throwing the sympathy card out there for publicity sake and to sucker more people into seeing his new flick today.

Honestly, I’d like TP more if he was straight up about the lack of quality in his films. But sad thing is he thinks they are quality. Negro compares himself to accomplished actors and well-written shows, thinks he’s deep and experienced enough to fool around with Shange’s work, wants to attach himself to serious film like Precious. He doesn’t see himself as being a bargain basement, mindless entertaining fun filmmaker – he wants to be a Spike Lee. I guess that’s why his feelings are hurt. He wants to be in the ranks of Singleton, Duke, Whittaker but it ain’t gonna happen. Stay in your lane Perry and you want get hurt… as much. You don’t see Chris Rock pretending he’s a five star documentarian.

Floyd Webb

I think we need more than two filmmakers to talk about. This is soooooo ho-hum. Who is doing the cutting edge new work???


To Cynthia, Perry was’nt saying that Seinfield, The Soprenos wer’ent good shows…His point is, They were not trashed by their OWN!! OK, Get It…DUH!!!

Jeanette in Detroit

Spike, don’t be so spiteful damn! You used to support our bro & sis…what happend to you!!?? YOU know we have too much hate against us already, don’t feed into the madness…get it together or step OFF! Tyler Perry is one of the greatest, most talented, director, actor, artist the world has seen! If you can’t see that….ur ass is blind! THE MAJORITY OF US LOVE YOU & SUPPORT YOU TYLER PERRY <3 <3

Jeanette in Detroit

Tyler Perry is a man who said I can do this, and he is a success. Spike knows what he does is inspirational and it lets us see ourselves in action! TP’s movies are not to degrad, they are to teach, inspire and most of all let the people know that Yes You can do ‘something’ in life no matter WHAT!!! Spike I like some of his movies back in the day, but he has NOTHING on Perry’s movies and that’s for DAMN sure!!


I think it bears repeating that no other group has the history that we are Black people have.

This here America is our home and the only home we have really known. We have no choice but to fight it out sometimes when it comes to our images, our leadership, our future. And those fights sometimes go public.

WEB DuBois and Booker T. were supposed to have intelligent and sometimes difficult discourse. Just like Tyler and Spike. We are not Asian, Italian, Greek or Jewish and NONE of those groups have the history that we have so, I get tired of people saying that we don’t act like other groups. No we don’t. And we shouldn’t be embarrassed that two Black men are having a public debate about the state of Black American movies. This is important public discourse. Not just Black discourse. Why should we hide it?


Lol, power neck tie, priceless.


“He’s right about the black people police. Others do also criticize themselves, but they have nothing on black people”

“I personally think “we” as poc should keep our comments about each other private b/c I do agree with TP, there’s enough bais as is, why add to the pot”

“I don’t see that in any of his work. IMHO he takes Black humor that a segment of black folk know and understand and serve it up”

Excellent points!

So now I am wondering who’s really crying like a bitch? Yeah, I said it, who’s pulling hair like they’re in a fking cat fight.

Who sits back and cries like a bunch of pus*ies at another man’s success? Yeah, I said it, crying like a bunch of pus*ies.

See, Tyler did the right thing. In essence he told all yawl to kiss the pink part of his A$$hole. I can’t believe I hear the same old high-pitched feeble and petulant complaining about what Tyler did or did not do.

It’s starting to smell like a french whore house up in here.

Damn, bitches with switches. Yeah, I said it, a bitchy circle jerk discussion. Some of you guys need to grow a pair of fking nuts!


This card-board negroe with a power neck tie expose her/himself for his true feelings not just spike’s short comings(read;elitist attitudes) but most fundamental in his bitch-flame torrant, like it or not , he/her loom like lovely target to be critque, thatz the way of the world or sword! get ready for a barrage of culture lashings, tight tux wearing klondike!!.


I should’ve known that Mr. Coon Perry would bring up Spike when the press didn’t even mention his name, he’s reached an all time low. No matter, Perry is trash, Spike’s films will continue to rise in stature while Perry’s forgettable garbage will remain forgettable, no matter how much he makes, trash is trash.


Tyler sounding really bytch made about now.


“I’ve never seen Jewish people attack Seinfeld…”

Umm…Seinfield was a good show Tyler. lol


Perry is such a woman! :D
The interviewer didn’t even bring Spike Lee up and this dude goes on a rant no one asked for!

I wonder if Perry and his defenders (apologists?) realize that if he were but one of 15 or 20 consistent mainstream Black directors, no one would give a shit about his chitlin movies? He gets so much press and, ultimately, criticism because he’s the sole Black voice in mainstream Hollywood right now. His movies are slapdash cinematic kool aid. You have to wonder about a director that can crank out so many films in a 12 month period. Regardless of his self-aggrandizing claims, Perry makes quickie junk movies aimed specifically at a niche audience. They’re not well thought out, unchallenging, and poorly made. He’s on track to become the black Roger Corman at this rate. But Corman was just one of dozens of white filmmakers working during his era. Perry’s all we’re being given, so, like it or not, his cinematic vision represent us all over the world. Not only that, Hollywood execs are only looking for TP knockoffs right now. Let that idea absorb for a moment. Right now, if you’ve got a Black project that’s provocative, controversial, or challenging in any way, Hollywood ain’t trying to hear you.


What gets me is that Tyler Perry is making much ado about an old Spike Lee quote. The reporter who was asking the question wasn’t even asking about SPIKE. He was asking about CHURCH PEOPLE — supposedly Perry’s most loyal audience — criticizing his work. But Perry cut the reporter off and went into his diatribe about Spike.

That shows me that Perry is really thin-skinned and that despite his monetary success, Spike has all of the power in that dynamic. Someone should take Perry aside and tell him that a guy in his position should never let on that his “adversary” has gotten so much under his skin…especially so long after the fact (when the original quote was made). It’s a sign of weakness. Sure, respond to criticism if you feel you’ve been wronged. But then move on. And if someone brings it up (which DIDN’T happen here), brush it off.

I expect we’ll next hear a Perry interview where he goes off on Aaron McGruder.


I KNOW I’m stoking flames with this one, but I came across this blog posting and it had me cracking up. Presented both sides (MUCH of it I agree with) and why I, ultimately, have to side with TP on this (ohh, it hurts).

Hilarious indeed! Enjoy y’all :-D

Dankwa Brooks

I understand Mr. Perry’s anger, but he shouldn’t let the media “Chris Brown” him like that. Sit down with a print reporter and say what you have to say. I think Mr. Lee (who has been around the media for a little bit longer than Mr. Perry) knew how the media would skewer a sound bite and stated publically exactly what he said in its FULL context.

I would pay good money for a Spike Lee/Tyler Perry moderated debate, but that would be such a damn spectacle for the media it would probably demean the whole process.

For the record while I enjoy usually all of Mr. Perry’s movies I will NEVER watch his current TV shows.
On facebook a Caucasian filmmaker friend of mine who went to my alma mater (BIG UPS Towson University) said this when I reposted this article on my page-

“I agree with him to a certain extent, but it’s also because I think Spike Lee is two-faced and quite egotistical. He might champion fair portrayals of black people, but when it comes to other races he has no problem in tacking on the stereotypes. Summer of Sam, as much as I like the film overall, is a good example. Besides Ritchie, I don’t think one white man in that movie was anything besides a drunk, loud mouthed Italian with a ridiculous pompadour.”

Miles Ellison

To echo the comments of others here, Perry is way off about the criticisms of other ethnic groups. Italian American groups have constantly criticized not only the Sopranos, but ANY film or TV show that depicts the mafia.

As far as Lee’s criticism of Perry’s work, he’s not wrong.

Adam Scott Thompson

Black folks roast Spike like he was Hitler, asking “When’s the last time he had a hit?” For the last 30 years, Spike’s been making movies for us, so I would ask, “Why hasn’t he had a hit?” We’ll prop Citizen Coon up and so will Hollywood, because… white people (and many black people too) love to see black people cooning — period. Spike still has to raise funds to get a movie made, but Lions Gate gives the Prime Minister of Coonistan the Wonka ticket and we think that’s progress? Perry has neither elevated black filmmaking nor “beaten The Man at his own game.” He is an opportunist, the same as Al Sharpton or T.D. Jakes. Our problem is, we have “bigger nigger syndrome” — any nigga bigger than us we praise without scrutiny. He could make a trillion dollars in his lifetime; he’ll still be buried a coon. Spike shouldn’t lose sleep over this though. Help is on the way.


Everybody need to just chill. We are spending too much energy on this. Yes, Spike criticized Tyler and Tyler criticize Spike. At the end of the day they can both make whatever movie they want. Who wants to see them go.
Tyler is making money on his movies and the sad part is not enough of us go see Spike’s movies. I have seen all of Spike’s and if those of us who bitch about it, so see Spike’s movies.
At the end of the day the greenback speaks volumes in determining whether OUR movies get made.


LOL TP is soooo transparent. Lee hasn’t made any new comments as far as I know so why is he once again addressing OLD STUFF as if it’s hot off the presses? Could it be because he has a movie coming out and wants to drum up some publicity?

I have even less respect for this man now, especially considering the ridiculous analogies above. The names Tyler Perry and Zora Neale Hurston shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence Perry, STFU, please.


Yep, Italian American groups (and most likely a few people) complained about The Sopranos, just like they complain about The Jersey Shore now. I think he’s exaggerating a bit too much.

I do side with Perry as far as what the audience wants goes. Call it whatever names you want. It’s the audience’s money and they put it down to watch Tyler Perry in a dress and the product that Perry packages.

Just like critics are usually unfit to be filmmakers, maybe filmmakers should calm down on criticizing other peoples’ work


This is the same dude who refused to pay his BLACK writers what they were worth and to give them benefits.

Now this PIMP is trying to get folks eyes misty with this “dey pickin on me” bullshit?!

I bet when he was bitchin he had his neck rollin and was snappin his fingers in a Z formation!


Dear Tyler Perry:

Putting on a dress does NOT make you Zora Neale Hurston.

Thank you.

Carey's So Scary

Oh how nice, a new house! George Jefferson and his Weezies have moved on up… “finally got a piece of the piiiiiiiiiiie”

But some things never change, so let me do my thang.

Check this.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

Now an analogy:

So, in the final analysis of the march: It would have to be classified as the best performance of the year; in fact it was the greatest performance of this century. It topped anything that Hollywood could have produced. If we were going to give out Academy Awards in 1963, we would have to give the late President [ Hollywood & gossip monguers] an Oscar for the “Best Producer of the Year”; and to the four white liberals who participated should get an Oscar as the “Best Actors of the Year,” because they really acted like sincere liberals and fooled many Negroes. And to the six Negro civil rights leaders { Tyler Perry, Spike, Morgan “get over that shit” Freeman & Mackie “We’re Lazy” } should go and Oscar for the “Best Supporting Cast,” because they supported the late President in his entire act, and in his entire program.

The entire march was controlled by the late president { Hollywood & the media} . The government in Washington had told the marchers what signs to carry, what songs to sing, what speeches to make, and what speeches not to make, and then told the marchers to be sure to get out o f town by sundown

One of the Big Six leaders { Tyler, Spike, Mo-Money & Hollywood } John Lewis, chairman of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, was prevented from making a very militant speech.

The late President’s shrewd strategy was: If you can’t beat them, join them. The Catholic President placed his Catholic bishop in a strategic position to exercise censorship over any one of the Big Six Negro leaders who tried to deviate from the script in this great “extravaganza” { making more money for me me me and us 3 } called the March on Washington, which the government had controlled right from the very beginning.

The three million Negros { naysay Tyler Perry haters and Spike wannabes} voters are the so-called middle-class Negroes, referred to by the late Howard University sociologist, E. Franklin Frazier, as the “black bourgeoisie,” who think with no racial pride, and who therefore look forward hopefully to the future “integrated” society promised them by the white liberals and the Negro “leaders.” It is with this hope thatthe three million { snobby negro & black film snobs } remain an active part of the white-controlled political parties. But it must never be overlooked that these three million “integration seekers” are only a small minority of the eleven million { The ranks have swelled} potential Negro voters.

The eight million { several million now } Negroes are in the majority; they are the {real} black masses. The black masses have rejected the Uncle Tom approach of the Negro leadership that has been handpicked for them by the white man. These Uncle Tom leaders do not speak for the Negro majority; they don’t speak for the black masses. They speak for the “black bourgeoisie,” the brainwashed, white minded, middle-class minority who are ashamed of black, and don’t want to be identified with the black masses, and are therefore seeking to lose their “black identity” by mixing, mingling, intermarrying, and integrating with the white man.

a philanthropic society known as the Taconic Foundation, headed by a shrewd white liberal named Stephen Currier [The Media] called a meeting of the six civil rights leaders { Tyler, Spike, Morgan Freeman, and Bill Cosby & Mackie } in an effort to bring unity of action and purpose among all the civil rights groups.

Roy Wilkins { Spike Lee } then began to attack King, accusing him of stirring up trouble, saying then King would capitalize on the trouble by taking up all the money for his own organization…

As King { Spike Lee }, Wilkins {Tyler Perry }, and the other civil rights leaders { Cosby, Morgan, Mackie } began to fight publicly among themselves over the money they were trying to get from the white liberals, they were destroying their own leadership “image.” ~ Malcolm X

CareyCarey said: Here ye here my black brothers and sisters, don’t be played like black pawns. Praise in public, admonish in private.


Many of you can argue with me. But what has Tyler Perry done for Blacks in cinema??
Besides, offering them roles that take us back to the stone ages. I am going to be brutally honest Tyler Perry is just a puppet he doesn’t care about the “image” of African-Americans on screen.

What people need to know is that Tyler Perry works for rich-white-Jews in Hollywood and at the end of the day he makes his millions making Blacks look stupid and foolish and dressing up as a old-loud-mouth-mammy. smh

Spike Lee is correct “he si taking us back’ i remember he said, that on a segment of 60 minutes a couple of years ago.

I don’t knwo about any fo you but i think Blacks take themselves back and put themselves in these “stereotypical roles” the drug dealing, crack addicted mother, loud-mouth mammy, maids etc.

We are in 2011 it si time for us to move on and create better images for ourselves white people want to see us like Madea we support half the stuff they throw at us so we can only blame ourselves.


Comparing Spike Lee and Tyler Perry is like comparing a banana to watermelon — a watermelon being sloppily eaten on a dilapidated porch by a barefoot, do-rag headed, coonishly-caricatured, buffoonish-behaving character from one of Tyler Perry’s productions!


What’s this fool talking about? Each group disparages famous/infamous members when they put forth images/stereotypes they don’t want mainstream America to acknowledge as being true. Mouthful. If he thinks blacks are bad, don’t tell him to look at Asians. They’ll put a damn hit out on your ass. Well at least they’ll shut you down so hard you’re never heard of again. If we seem overly critical to him, it’s because we’re the only group TP’s paying any attention to.

That said, he needs to understand that when it comes to public images, we are a might bit touchier due to our past global misrepresentations by outside groups. Black people aren’t just going to sit around keeping our mouths shut for the sake of appearing unified to white folks – as if they’d actually notice or think it means anything.

I know somebody sometime took him aside in private and told him the same thing he’s hearing now. And is he really trying to compare himself to Dustin Hoffman & Robin Williams when neither one CREATED their careers solely on cross-dressing characters? If you’re going to argue the point, at least find better examples.

As for Spike Lee, being the only brother with several Oscar nominations whose movies have launched or expanded the careers of dozens of award winning actors, he can criticize all he wants to. He’s earned that right.


Let me say this. I am not a TP fan. I’m not crazy about his films. Only time I go to his films are when I have a girls night out. However. I refuse to call his films coonery or buffoonery. When I think of coonery and buffoonery I think of African-Americans taking white stereotypes of Black folks and rehashing to appeal to white folks. I don’t see that in any of his work. IMHO he takes Black humor that a segment of black folk know and understand and serve it up.

Is the humor –Uh.. lack for a better term “low brow” –probably. So what. He ain’t creating art. He is creating entertainment. Do I find some his stuff funny. OH yeah. But his work is not something I could sit down in the darken theater for two hours to watch. I have to be coerced by my girl friends. Below is a typical scenerio

What’s up girls. It’s been a minute since we hung out. Let’s go to the

Girlfriend #1
Yeah girl.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is playing downtown


Girlfriend #2
Girl I heard that new Tyler Perry movie is out.

Girlfriend #3
Let’s check it out.

Sure. Why not. Let see another Tyler Perry movie.


Wow. I guess enough is enough, eh Tyler?


He’s right about the black people police. Others do also criticize themselves, but they have nothing on black people.

I had to throw in the towel after more a years worth of harassment, from people who fight the good fight against “whitey”, like Spike, so I know what he says is true.

If you don’t fit a certain acceptable black aesthetic they will eat you alive. …And this is especially ironic coming from people claiming we aren’t a monolith.

There is a way to offer supportive criticism without tearing each other apart, but we rarely do that.


Tyler Perry’s films are just as good as the Sopranos and Seinfeld. Really????? Laughing at that one.

Tyler is not the bad guy, his films are just bad.

Where is everybody else? Where is Spike’s next feature? If he’s the other giant, why isn’t he as active? What was the budget for She’s Gotta Have It? Why no smaller budget films from Spike, he’s waiting on all these 50-100 million dollar films and we aren’t being fed. (the audience)


I personally think “we” as poc should keep our comments about each other private b/c I do agree with TP, there’s enough bais as is, why add to the pot. I may not be into the genre of films that TP makes, but I still will applaud the fact that he found a niche and is profiting from it. How many folks in this industry do that–infinite amounts.


LMBAO it gets better baby. The audio is hilarious!

Dankwa Brooks

Let me say that I generally enjoy ALL of Mr. Perry’s movies for what they are entertainment. No let me say that thus far he makes movies. Mr. Lee makes films.

What’s the difference between a movie and a film. Movies are entertainment and films are art. What’s the difference between that? ART SHOULD ELEVATE.


Funny thing is, both have arguments i agree with. As an individual, I get Tyler when he says “Yo slim back the eff up!”-basically lemme do mine. Both of them feel they’re serving black people (at the same time themselves) but each feels HIS way is THE way. Gotta let that go. But Spike is right about TP’s films, but I wouldn’t have laid it the “coonery” door. That’s too dismissive & actually, elitist (actually bags on the audience too). But he can knock Tyler ALL FREAKIN’ DAY about the quality of his films (poor scripting, character dev, shot selection, etc). THAT stuff ain’t got nuthin’ to do with high falutin’ or low brow, that’s filmmaking 101..MUTHF*CKA DO YOU SPEAK IT?!? :-P

But to both of them, the media being as immediate and definitely self-serving as it is now (was it ever any different?), they both need to keep that shit behind closed doors. Don’t pull a Kobe or LeBron and air your crap through Twitter :-(


@Dankwa – thanks for that link to 40 Acres. I never saw that. Good to know!



Dankwa Brooks

I get what Mr. Perry is saying, but Mr. Lee implicitly put on his website that there is “No Fued”.

I get what he’s saying, but there were Italian groups who didn’t like ‘Sopranos’ and they DAMN SURE didn’t like “Jersey Shore’. He shouldn’t have “Chris Browned” in the media like that. Never let them see you sweat.


TRUTH HURTS! And he is Sooo wrong about ‘The Sopranos’. The Italian-American One Voice Committee, among others, gave the ‘The Sopranos’ heat for their depiction every season they were on.

Seinfeld was never a buffoon and didn’t play into Jewish stereotypes.

Basically the fat fuck wants Spike to kiss his ass like every one else. He also has a “stop messin wit my money” tone when he makes the bullshit claim that folks are trying to keep people away from his so-called movies.

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