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Tyler Perry To Do Some ‘Good Deeds’

Tyler Perry To Do Some 'Good Deeds'

Yeah, we know. Tyler Perry doesn’t usually fall under our radar of coverage, but as one of the most successful actor/writer/producer/director threats in Hollywood, he can’t be ignored. Say what you will about the quality of his films, but he’s speaking directly to a segment of the moviegoing public that Hollywood routinely ignores and he’s making mad bank doing it. It’s not exactly shocking that Lionsgate has re-upped their first-look deal with Perry for another two years; he delivers big box office on relatively small budgets and his Madea series is a bonafide franchise.

However, his next effort for the studio will be a piece of original material. Variety reports that Perry will write, direct, produce and star in “Good Deeds.” Using the old uptown/downtown premise, the film will center on the cleverly named Glen Deeds (Perry), a successful entrepreneur who is about to get married when a much less affluent single mom catches his eye, and stirs up feelings in him that he didn’t know he had.

Anyway, it seems to be a bit more of a romantic riff on “Jumping The Broom” which also uses that formula of the haves vs. the have-nots. At any rate, the film is moving quickly. “Good Deeds” will start filming at the end of the month and more cast members are set to be announced soon. It’s going to be a busy month for Perry as he’s also got “Madea’s Big Happy Family” coming out on April 22nd.

But that’s not all Perry has on his plate. He’ll be joined by Matthew Fox and Ed Burns in the upcoming adaptation of “I, Alex Cross” which will have Rob Cohen (”xXx,” “The Fast And The Furious”) directing the thriller. It will likely lens later this year.

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Mr. Perry

Could u find the time to look at my facebook account to look over the films that i have done. or email me an address i can send u a screener (dvd) of my different roles i played in.


i would love to be in one of your movies and i hope thhis is the real tmr.yler perry.

bye mr man

The Actual Totally Real Tyler Perry

keep dreaming guys! dream big!

Cabrenna H Burks

Hi Mr. Perry,

I am a 38 year old woman that adores you and your work. I am commented because I am taking any opportunity I can get to reach out to you. Finally, after many many years of failure and life struggles….I have decided to dust off my dream and pick it up again. I was encouraged through one of your messages where you wrote about keeping dreams alive. So, I remembered that I’ve always dreamed of becoming a famous actress and I am asking for your help. Please give me an opportunity to work with you on your upcoming project : “Good Deeds”. I honestly believe that I would be a great asset to you & TPS.


Mrs Moton

Hello Mr. Perry, my daughter and I adore you and your work and we re praying that you send a good deed our way. She is 6yr old Daizha moton who auditioned for the role of ariel.We live in houston and she was featured on oprahs most talented kids for extraordinary memory, acts sings, play piano and has starred in 7theatre plays, sang and spoke at many events,star in short film and christian tv program but unfortunately we are nobodies in the name of film or music industry but God has blessed her with an amazing gift of extraordinary memory and acting. Please take a look at her audition tape from actors access or your casting directors and even if u cant use her on this project maybe another one she will definetly amaze u.We prtay everynite it reaches u Love Ya and Thanks for your time

Beronica Melendez

Hi Mr. Tyler Perry. My name is Beronica Melendez, the young lady who asked for a picture on the RED CARPET at the Steve Harvey Foundation Gala. Afte that I asked for a second picture and said 1,000 things to you in ten minutes. Im that fan who traveled to NY from Florida, and who greatly admires your work. I also shared with you that I have a dream. I have many real life stories that I have personally been through and would like to share with the world. Im also a single mother of three very talented children. I will love to speak with you and share my stories and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you soon. God Bless You, Love Beronica.

Tyler Perry

Linda, can’t wait to read!

linda scott

Hey Tyler Perry, I am from a small town call Ruleville. I have written many poems about different situations that goes on in everyday life,but there is one particular poem that i would love for you to use in one of your plays called: “Battered Woman”. P.S. disregard that first e-mail i sent you.

linda scott

I have written many poems about different situations that goes on in everyday life,but there is one parrticular poem that i would love for you to use in one of your plays called: “Battered Woman”.

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