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Ving Rhames Will Lead David Gordon’s Comedy Pilot “Black Jack”

Ving Rhames Will Lead David Gordon's Comedy Pilot "Black Jack"

All you Ving Rhames fans have something good coming your way. He’s set to play the lead character in a comedy pilot for Comedy Central network titled Black Jack. The project will be executive produced by David Gordon Green, director of Pineapple Express and George Washington among others.

According to Deadline, the show centers on Black Jack (Rhames) who, after 20 years as the most kick-ass special ops agent the US government has had on its payroll, finally goes too far and is de-commissioned.

Joining in producing duties are Danny McBride, Jody Hill and Matt Reilly. Comedy Central actually picked up the pilot last month contingent on finding the right actor for the lead. So now, it’s a green light!

This would be the second time Rhames will play the lead in a television series, Kojak (USA network) was the first.

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No mention of the black writer?


I agree. Ving is a beast straight up & down, but a dude’s go to eat. He’s a Julliard cat and anyone that has the BABY BOY DVD and has seen the outtakes knows what I’m talking about. He just happens to have a linebackers/D. End physique so this being the “visual” medium that it is, that’s what he’s going to be cast as-the big scary black dude. (that mess he did at the BET Awards was ridiculous tho)

I had somebody try and tell me once that Tyrese was “versatile” and I said “Why, because he wears a Naval uniform in one movie & a beater in the other?!” Come on, you gotta look & listen with better eyes than that.


I did like “Holiday Heart” also.


@Lynn — what are YOU talking about? Clearly you haven’t seen “Holiday Heart” or when he played Don King for HBO Films.


Versatile?? Um the guy is always playing a ex-con-thug what are u talking about?


Yay! I like Ving Rhames. He’s so versatile.
I was pretty upset when they canned Kojak — I liked that show


Sounds interesting.

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