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Watch: Dominic Cooper Goes Crazy Twice Over In Trailer For ‘The Devil’s Double’

Watch: Dominic Cooper Goes Crazy Twice Over In Trailer For 'The Devil's Double'

On the one hand, “The Devil’s Double” — a biopic of Saddam Hussein‘s psychotic son Uday and of his body double, with Dominic Cooper playing both roles — sounds like it could be some compelling viewing, at least based on the one actor, dual roles casting. On the other hand, it’s directed by Lee Tamahori, the guy behind “Die Another Day” and “xXx2: The State of The Union” so it could very well be a trainwreck. But we’ll be honest, with the blinged out poster and now this trailer, we’re pretty curious.

Playing like “Scarface” meets uh, “Twins” (?), the film seems to be an over-the-top account of the story with lots of scenery chewing from Cooper, flashy cars, hot women and guns. We’d like to think maybe it’s just the way they cut the trailer, but with Depeche Mode‘s “Personal Jesus” blasting though the speakers we think this will a lot more of a glossier affair than the premise suggests.

We’re still not sure which way this will land, but kudos to the Lionsgate marketing team because they definitely ensured that they got our attention. Check out the trailer below — the film opens on July 29th.

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$35 million for a $10million budget would be pretty good if you ask me.


Looks like it would have made an awesome HBO series.

As a feature, I am guessing it will underperform. It’s too over the top to garner awards and critical traction and the cast and director are too midlist to open the picture straight out of the gate. Plus, the trailer practically chases women away.

If the marketing is stellar and the reviews are decent, the most they can hope for will be a final domestic gross somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-$35 million. And I am guessing it won’t even do close to that.

Mike Hoath

yeah well Tamahori also directed Once Were Warriors which is fucking excellent so….


looks pretty fucking awesome if you ask me…love the musical choice

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